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World J Dermatol. Aug 2, 2014; 3(3): 64-72
Published online Aug 2, 2014. doi: 10.5314/wjd.v3.i3.64
Figure 3
Figure 3 Immunostaining of N-myc downstream regulating gene 1. Skin samples were obtained 6 d after UVR exposure. A: In control skin little or no NDRG1 was seen in epidermis but low levels were detected in sebaceous glands, Control; B: 100% d-limonene alone, mouse skin exposed to UVR strongly expressed NDRG1 both in epidermis and sebaceous glands (C-E); C: UVR alone; D: UVR + 1.0% d-limonene; E: UVR + 10% d-limonene; F: UVR + 100% d-limonene. Skin exposed to UVR with prior treatment of d-limonene, show significantly reduced NDRG1protein in epidermis and hair follicles (F). UVR: Ultraviolet irradiation; NDRG1: N-myc downstream regulating gene 1.