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World J Dermatol. Oct 2, 2012; 1(3): 13-23
Published online Oct 2, 2012. doi: 10.5314/wjd.v1.i3.13
Clinical evidences, personal experiences, recent applications
Luca Negosanti, Valentina Pinto, Rossella Sgarzani
Luca Negosanti, Valentina Pinto, Rossella Sgarzani, Plastic Surgery Department, S.Orsola-Malpighi University Hospital, 40137 Bologna, Italy
Author contributions: Negosanti L, Pinto V and Sgarzani R contributed equally to this manuscript.
Correspondence to: Dr. Luca Negosanti, MD, Plastic Surgery Department, S.Orsola-Malpighi University Hospital, Via Giuseppe Dagnini 3, 40137 Bologna, Italy. luca.negosanti81@gmail.com
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Received: February 22, 2012
Revised: August 3, 2012
Accepted: August 10, 2012
Published online: October 2, 2012

Management of difficult wounds can be a complex, challenging and expensive task, especially for wounds showing a slow healing process. Topical negative pressure (TNP) therapy has greatly improved difficult wounds treatment. It allows to treat patient on an outpatient management, to reduce the complication rate with shorter hospital stay, to avoid frequent dressings with expensive advanced materials and allow a lower commitment of health professionals. Vacuum Assisted Closure® (VAC®) system is a therapeutic device based on the administration of a controlled TNP introduced by Morykwas and Argenta in 1997. It is indicated in different kinds of wound, but clinical evidences are present only for few of them. In this work we summarize indications and recommendations for VAC® therapy and we analyze the actual better choice of treatment based on evidences and personal experience in order to stimulate further studies. Finally we introduce recent applications of VAC® system such as Prevena®, VAC Instill® and VAC Via®. Prevena® is a system based on TNP indicated in the management of closed wounds that present risk factors for dehiscence. VAC Instill® is a system that allows to associate TNP and topical administration of solutions, such as antibiotics or disinfectants, to treat specific type of wounds. VAC Via® is a device based on TNP, characterized by little dimension and a preset system that allow the treatment of little wounds for 7 d, with no impairment for the patient. The aim of our paper is to describe a report of VAC® therapy use in order to stimulate further studies and to define the level of evidence of VAC® therapy.

Keywords: Topical negative pressure, Wound, Vacuum Assisted Closure®, Diabetic foot, Pressure ulcers