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World J Orthop. Dec 18, 2016; 7(12): 793-800
Published online Dec 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i12.793
Table 1 Studies comparing nonoperative management of zone 1 proximal fifth metatarsal fractures
Ref.Treatment modalityOutcome
Shahid et al[29]Airboot compared to below knee walking castPain and function recovered quicker with airboot No difference in time to union between groups
Clapper et al[30]Hard-soled shoe compared to below knee castNo difference between clinical healing results
Gray et al[31]Plastic slipper compared to tubi-grip supportFractures treated with a plaster slipper resulted in significantly better pain and function at 2 wk At 6 and 12 wk the outcomes were similar for both treatment groups
Wiener et al[32]Below knee casting compared to soft “Jones” dressingsThe average time to union was 33 d vs 46 d respectively for soft dressings compared to rigid casting