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World J Orthop. Mar 18, 2015; 6(2): 263-268
Published online Mar 18, 2015. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v6.i2.263
Table 1 Reviewed studies investigating arthroscopic capsular release as a treatment for primary frozen shoulder
Ref.YearPatientsOutcome measure(s)Outcome score pre intervention (standard deviation or range)Outcome score post intervention (standard deviation or range)Complications
Smith et al[6]2014136OSS, VAS19.2 (7.4)38.1 (8.6)One portal site superficial infection - treated oral antibiotics
Jerosch et al[17]201291Constant42 (19-58)85 (36-100)One shoulder infection - debridement required
Le Lievre et al[18]201243LikertAll 43 pain free on Likert score at 5-12 yr from surgeryNil
Waszczykowski et al[19]201016Modified constant score (0-75), ASES19.365.9Nil
Cinar et al[20]201026Constant, UCLA30.4 (6.2)82 (18.2)Nil
Baums et al[21]200630ASES, VAS, SF3635 (10-70)91 (62-96)One case of delayed healing of portal site (no infection), one haematoma
Klinger et al[22]200136Constant29 (14-51)66 (35-91)Nil
Ogilvie-Harris et al[23]199717ASES2 patients mild pain, 6 in moderate pain, 8 in severe pain11 pain free, 4 in mild pain, 1 in moderate pain, 1 in severe painNil
Segmüller et al[24]199524Modified constant score10/2018/20Nil