Retrospective Study
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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Feb 15, 2017; 9(2): 70-77
Published online Feb 15, 2017. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v9.i2.70
Table 2 Individual case characteristics
PatientAge, genderSite of metastasisTime nephrectomy to metastasis (mo)Other metastasis pre-operativelyOperationPost-operative complicationsFollow-up (mo)Status at last follow-upSite of recurrenceTime from resection of metastasis to recurrence (mo)
150, femalePancreas73Lungs (resected)PDBleeding, pancreatic fistula50Alive, disease-free--
261, femalePancreas110-PDCollection66Alive, recurrenceRight iliac bone (radiation)28
364, malePancreas93-TP + S-98Alive, recurrencePancreatic bed recurrence and abdominal LN (Pazopanib)53
466, malePancreas292-TP-4Death from diseaseBrain (radiation)3
563, malePancreas0-Laparoscopic DP + S-61Alive, disease-freeLiver17
Liver28Laparoscopic non-anatomical--
663, femalePancreas10-DP + SPancreatic fistula16Alive, recurrenceRight kidney and lung (Pazopanib)5
780, femalePancreas26-PDBleeding, collection3Death, no evidence of disease--
865, maleLiver29-Non-anatomical-94Death, no evidence of diseaseLungs (resected)55
944, femaleLiver0-Non-anatomicalChylous scites23Death, recurrenceLiver (Pazopanib)6
1070, maleLiver4Right kidneyNon-anatomical + right partial nephrectomy-33Death, recurrenceLung and spine (radiation and Sunitinib)3
1161, femaleLiver0Right adrenal, lungs (resected)Non-anatomical-36Alive, disease-free--
1259, maleLiver40Adrenal (in specimen of RCC resection) LungsNon-anatomical + diaphragm-32Alive, recurrenceLiver (Pazopanib)10
1365, maleLiver129LungsRight hepatectomy + IVC resection-26Alive, with disease, no recurrence--