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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 21, 2018; 24(47): 5297-5311
Published online Dec 21, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i47.5297
Table 1 Potential inflammatory biomarkers of hepatitis C
BiomarkerClinical relevanceRef.
TNF-αPromoting development of insulin resistance and diabetes during HCV infection; Hepatic TNF-α was associated with increased inflammatory activity, hepatic fibrosis, liver injury and HCC[15-19]
IL-6Evaluating the progression of CHC to cirrhosis; Plasma IL-6 positively correlated with illness duration and viral load in HBV/HCV co-infected patients[13,20]
IL-8Associated with interferon therapy non-response and high histologic activities in CHC patients[29,30]
IL-18Plasma IL-18 concentration was positively correlated with ALT and AST levels in HBV/HCV co-infected patients; A marker for evaluating the effect of IFN on the immune state[20,21]
CXCL-9Potential marker for evaluating the progression of CHC to cirrhosis[13,14]
CXCL-10CXCL-10 level in hepatocytes correlated with histological severity and hepatic lobule inflammation; A marker of viral response and therapeutic outcome[5,13,14,23,24]