Letters To The Editor
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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 28, 2016; 22(40): 9035-9038
Published online Oct 28, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i40.9035
Table 1 Clinicopathological features of original biliary tract tumors
XenograftPathological diagnosis of original tumorAge/sexHistologic typePrognosis (survival days)ChemotherapyClinical evaluation of chemotherapy effect (effective days)Established cell line
1CCC70/FAdeno, modDeath (402)NonNCC-CC1
2CCC71/FAdeno, modDeath (175)NonNCC-CC3-1
3CCC59/MAdeno, modAlive (2172)NonNCC-CC4-1
4CCC31/MAdeno, mod + PSCDeath (386)GEM + TS1SD (84 d)NCC-CC6-1
5Distal BDCa58/FAdeno, modDeath (299)GEMPDNCC-BD1
6Distal BDCa77/FAdeno, modDeath (393)GEMPDNCC-BD21
7Distal BDCa80/MAdeno, modDeath (212)NonNCC-BD3
8Hilar BDCa74/MAdeno, modDeath (172)NonNCC-BD4-1
9Hilar BDCa48/MAdeno, wellAlive (500)GEMPDNA
10Hilar BDCa43/MAdeno, modAlive (1422)NonNA
11CCC69/MAdeno, modDeath (174)NonNA
12CCC54/FAdeno, modDeath (181)NonNA
13CCC56/MAdeno, modDeath (319)GEMPDNA
14CCC73/MAdeno, modDeath (53)NonNA
15CCC54/MAdeno, modAlive (2608)NonNA
16CCC45/FAdeno, modAlive (882)GEM + CDDPUnknownNA
17CCC72/MMucDeath (749)GEM/GEM + TS1UnknownNA
18CCC78/MAdeno, modDeath (382)GEMUnknownNA
19CCC66/MAdeno, modDeath (168)NonNA
20CCC65/MCoCCAlive (1604)NonNA
21CCC70/MAdeno, porDeath (851)GEMSD (49 d)NA
22CCC63/FAdeno, modAlive (363)UnknownUnknownNA
23CCC72/MAdeno, modDeath (394)GEMPDNA
24CCC77/FAdeno, modDeath (445)GEMSD (105 d)NA
25Hilar BDCa66/MAdeno, modAlive (102)GEM + TS1UnknownNA
26Distal BDCa54/MAdeno, modAlive (2096)NonNA
27Distal BDCa67/MAdeno, modDeath (672)GEM + TS1PDNA
28Distal BDCa80/MAdeno, modAlive (2024)GEMPR-CR (548 d)NA