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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 7, 2015; 21(25): 7709-7717
Published online Jul 7, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i25.7709
Table 1 Differences in the prevalence of endoscopic ulcers and erosions in low-dose aspirin users between Western countries and Japan
Ref.CountriesStudy designSample sizeDefinition of ulcersPrevalence of ulcersPrevalence of ulcers and/or erosions
Kordecki et al[11], 1997PolandProspective96Greater than 5 mm-68.0%
Pilotto et al[12], 2004ItalyProspective24525.7%-
Yeomans et al[13], 2005Australia, United Kingdom Canada, Spain,Prospective187Greater than 3 mm10.7%-
Niv et al[14], 2005IsraelProspective46Greater than 3 mm39.1%47.8%
Subtotal478 ulcers, 142 ulcers and/or erosions21.1%61.2%
Shiotani et al[15], 2009JapanProspective305Greater than 5 mm12.4%-
Nema et al[16], 2009JapanProspective236Greater than 5 mm11.0%48.4%
Kawai et al[17], 2010JapanProspective101Greater than 3 mm15.8%-
Tamura et al[18], 2011JapanProspective150Greater than 3 mm4.0%37.3%
Fujisawa et al[19], 2011JapanRetrospective1213Greater than 5 mm5.9%57.3%
Kawamura et al[20], 2013JapanRetrospective226Greater than 5 mm6.2%-
Uemura et al[21], 2014JapanProspective1454Greater than 5 mm6.5%29.2%
Subtotal3685 for ulcers, 3053 for ulcers and/or erosions7.2%36.1%