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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 15, 2000; 6(1): 102-106
Published online Feb 15, 2000. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v6.i1.102
Dynamic and ultrastructural study of sphincter of Oddi in early-stage cholelithiasis in rabbits with hypercholesterolemia
Jing-Guo Wei, Yao-Cheng Wang, Fan Du, Hou-Jun Yu
Jing-Guo Wei, Yao-Cheng Wang, Fan Du, Hou-Jun Yu, Department of Radiology, Tangdu Hospital, the Fourth Military Medical Un iversity, Xi’an 710038, Shaanxi Province, China
Jing-Guo Wei, male, born on 1944-07-12 in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University in 1968, now pr ofessor and director of department of radiology, majoring gastroenterology, coau thored two books, having 39 papers published.
Author contributions: All authors contributed equally to the work.
Correspondence to: Dr. Jing-Guo Wei, Department of Radiology, Tangdu Hospital, the Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an 710038, Shaanxi Province, China. tdradio@fmmu.edu.cn
Telephone: +86-29-3577163
Received: March 5, 1999
Revised: June 2, 1999
Accepted: June 18, 1999
Published online: February 15, 2000

AIM: To study the relationship between pre-formation of galls tone and the kinetics and ultra-structure of sphincter of Oddi.

METHODS: Adult female rabbits were used and divided into 3 groups, and fed with either normal or high cholesterol diet for four or eight weeks. Each group contained eight rabbits. The manometry of sphincter of Oddi, biliary cineradiography, gallbladder volume measurement and ultrastructure observatio n under electron microscope were performed.

RESULTS: In groups I and II, the basal pressure in low-pressu re ampulla or high pressure zone of sphincter of Oddi was elevated, the amplitude of phasic contraction was decreased and the volume of gallbladder were increased, with a significant difference (P < 0.01, from those of control. Gallstones were found in group II rabbits(7/8). Under cineradiography, low-press ure ampulla showed a spasmodic status without apparent peristaltic contraction. Under electron microscope, inside the muscular cells of sphincter of Oddi, loosening of microfilament and swelling of plasmosomes which congregated at the top were observed. The amount showed no obvious change under nitric oxide synthase (NOS) stain.

CONCLUSION: Twisting of the microfilament and disarrangement of kink macula densa inside the muscular cells suggested that the sphincter of Oddi was under spasmodic status. The impaired diastolic function caused and aggravated the stasis of cystic bile. The swelling plasmosome could be one of the important factors in elevating the tonic pressure of sphincter of Oddi.

Keywords: hypercholesterolemia, cholithiasis, sphin cter of Oddi/ultrastructure