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World J Gastroenterol. Apr 15, 1998; 4(2): 117-120
Published online Apr 15, 1998. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v4.i2.117
99mTc-labeled HAb18 McAb Fab fragment for radioimmunoimaging in nude mice bearing human hepatocellular carcinoma
Kai Qiu, Bo-Chen Wang, Zhi-Nan Chen, Pin Fang, Chen-Gang Liu, Wei-Xin Wan, Yan-Fang Liu
Kai Qiu, Bo-Chen Wang, Pin Fang, Wei-Xin Wan, State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Medicine, Institute of Jiangsu Nuclear Medicine, Wuxi 214063, Jiangsu Province, China
Kai Qiu, Zhi-Nan Chen, Chen-Gang Liu, Yan-Fang Liu, Department of Pathology, Fouth Military Medical University, Xi’an 710032, Shaanxi Province, China
Kai Qiu, male, born on 1963-07-26 in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, Han nationality, graduated from Fourth Military Medical University as a postgraduate in 1989, lecturer and Ph.D. student of pathology, engaged in hepatomaª² targeting drug research, having 22 papers published.
Author contributions: All authors contributed equally to the work.
Correspondence to: Dr. Kai Qiu, Department of Pathology, Fourth Military Medical University, 17 West Changle Road, Xi’an 710032, Shaanxi Province, China
Received: November 10, 1997
Revised: January 3, 1998
Accepted: February 5, 1998
Published online: April 15, 1998

AIM: To establish a method of labeling anti-hepatoma McAb (HAb18) Fab fragment modifier with 99mTc.

METHODS: HAb18 Fab was modified with 2-iminotholane and labeled with 99mTc by transchelation from 99mTc GH. Labeling yield, radiochemical purity and immunoreactivity were determined by thin layer chromatography (TLC-SG), paper chromatography (PC), gel chromatography (GC) and cell binding assay, respectively. The nude mice bearing human hepatoma were used for radioimmunoimaging (RII).

RESULTS: A radiolabeling yield of 50%-80% was obtained, and immunoreactivity (IR) was 30%-40%. Radioimaging results showed that 99mTc-HAb18 McAb Fab fragment was concentrated in the tumor 4-8 h after injection, and the maximum concentration was seen in 12-24 h, and the T/NT value was 5.18 and 7.48 at 6 h and 8 h after the injection.

CONCLUSION: 99mTc-HAb18 McAb Fab fragment could be specifically localized in the tumor of nude mice bearing human hepatocellular carcinoma within 24 h and this method might be effectively used for labeling McAb Fab fragment with 99mTc.

Keywords: liver neoplasms, carcinoma, hepatocellular, HAb18, autibodies, monoclonal, radioimmunodetection, Fab fragments, 99mTc, nude mice