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World J Methodol. Nov 29, 2018; 8(3): 17-36
Published online Nov 29, 2018. doi: 10.5662/wjm.v8.i3.17
Table 7 Cross-reactive allergen components of pollen origin1 used in singleplex and multiplex immunoassays[9,74]
Allergen moleculeBiological function, comments, CR
rPhl p 7Calcium-binding protein, polcalcin biomarker
Minor allergen CR with other polcalcins contained in pollen grains:
grasses: Pooideae and non-Pooideae, e.g., Bermuda grass (Cyn d 7)
trees: e.g., birch (Bet v 3), alder (Aln g 4), olive (Ole e 3), juniper (Jun o 4)
weeds: e.g., mugwort (Art v 5), short ragweed (Amb a 10)
rBet v 4Polcalcin, which contains only two calcium-binding domains
(vs Bet v 3, which contains three calcium-binding domains)
Polcalcin biomarker
Non-specific lipid transfer proteins
nArt v 3PR-14 protein, CR with peach Pru p 3 from, hazelnut Cor a 8
Involved in mugwort-peach association, Asteraceae-hazelnut association
nOle e 7PR-14 protein, CR with peach Pru p 3, pear Pyr c 3, melon Cuc m LTP, kiwifruit Act d 10,
Involved in olive pollen-fruit syndrome
rPla a 3PR-14 protein, CR with hazelnut Cor a 8, banana Mus a 3, celery Api g 2
Involved in Platanus pollen-fruit/vegetables association
rPhl p 12Plant panallergen actin-binding protein (cytoskeleton dynamics)
Profilin biomarker with great sequence identity with other profilins
CR with profilins from:
grass pollen: Pooideae and non-Pooideae, e.g., Bermuda grass (Cyn d 12)
tree pollen: i.e., birch (Bet v 2), olive (Ole e 2), date palm (Pho d 2)
weed pollen: i.e., ragweed (Amb a 8) and mugwort (Art v 4); sunflower (Hel a 2)
CR with profilins in latex (Hev b 8) and exotic fruits, involved in pollen-latex-fruit syndrome:
profilins from ananas (Ana c 1), banana (Mus xp 1), kiwi (Act d 9) and olive pollen (Ole e 2)
CR with profilins from various plant foods:
profilin Art v 4 CR with Dau c 4, Api g 4, involvement in celery-mugwort-spice syndrome
profilin Amb a 8 CR with Cuc m 2, Mus xp 1, involved in ragweed-melon-banana association
rBet v 2Cross-reactive biomarker, important for the profilin group
CR profilins in Apiaceae (Dau c 4, Api g 4)
Involvement in birch-Apiaceae vegetables association