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World J Virology. Aug 12, 2015; 4(3): 156-168
Published online Aug 12, 2015. doi: 10.5501/wjv.v4.i3.156
Table 2 Preclinical studies based on E2 formulations
E2 constructDescriptionRouteImmune responseRef.
Gag(p17)-E2HIV-1 Gag p17 matrix proteinscMice immunized with Gag(p17)-E2 mounted a strong and sustained Ab response; the isotype of induced Abs was biased toward IgG1; CD8+ T cells primed with E2 particles were able to exert lytic activity and to produce IFN-γ[65]
BS1-E2Mimotope 1 from HIV-1 bridging sheet domain (BS)IM1/sc1The E2-BS1 fusion peptide showed good antigenic results; a moderate neutralizing antibody response was found against two HIV-1 clade B and one clade C primary isolates[67]
Env(V3)-E2HIV-1 SF162 Env V3 loop peptide 291-336 from gp120 (HXB2 numbering)Env-E2: IM1;pDNA2: ID1Env(V3)-E2 induced potent binding Ab and T-cell responses in mice, as well as autologous NAbs in rabbits, when co-immunized with pDNA; co-immunization with pDNA and E2 multimers generated potent immune responses after only two immunizations[19]
Env(MPER)-E2HIV-1 SF162 Env MPER peptide 649-689 from gp41 (HXB2 numbering)Env-E2: IM1;pDNA23: ID1MPER (membrane proximal external region) displayed on E2 focused Ab responses toward conserved region of HIV-1 Envelope when co-administered with pDNA lacking hypervariable loop regions[66]
(1-11)-E2Peptide 1-11 of beta-amyloidsc(1-11)E2 vaccine induced fast-rising, robust and persistent Ab responses to beta-amyloid; the Ab response was characterized by a marked prevalence of IgG1 over the IgG2a isotype[68,69]