Systematic Reviews
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World J Psychiatr. Mar 22, 2017; 7(1): 34-43
Published online Mar 22, 2017. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v7.i1.34
Table 1 Studies included in the systematic review
Ref.ParticipantsTreatmentTreatment duration (wk)Imaging methodExperimental taskNeural treatment effectsDirection of change
Cognitive remediation
Wykes et al[8]SCH = 2CRT12SPECTVerbal fluencyBilateral frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital
Penadés et al[9]SCH = 2CRT12SPECTTower of LondonPrefrontal activity
Wexler et al[11]SCH = 8CRT10fMRIAuditory verbal memoryL inferior frontal
Penadés et al[10]SCH = 8CRT12SPECTTower of LondonPrefrontal activity
Wykes et al[12]SCH = 12 HC =6CRT OC HC12fMRIN-backR inferior frontal gyrus and bilateral occipital activity
Eack et al[20]SCH = 53CET EST52MRI-Loss of GM in temporal cortex, including the L parahippocampal gyrus, L amygdala, bilateral anterior cingulate, and L hippocampus
GM in L amygdala
Haut et al[13]SCH = 21 HC = 9CRT CBSST6fMRIN-back, lexical taskL prefrontal activityCase report series
Rowland et al[15]SCH = 17 HC = 17CRT< 1fMRI, VBML amygdala, bilateral inferior parietal regions
Controls also exhibited activation reductions in region and spatial extent with relational learning proficiency
Edwards et al[14]SCH = 22 HC = 14CRT22fMRIContinuous performance taskR middle frontal R superior parietal cortex R inferior frontal junction R visual cortex Cerebellum↑↓
Bor et al[16]SCH = 20 HC = 15CRT8fMRIN-backL inferior/middle frontal gyrus, cingulate gyrus and inferior parietal lobule activity
Subramaniam et al[19]SCH = 31 HC = 16AT13fMRIWord generation and recognitionMedial PFC activity
Penadés et al[21]SCH = 31 HC = 16CRT SST15fMRI, DTIN-backL superior parietal lobule and bilateral middle frontal gyri activity
DMN activity in L precuneus and middle frontal gyrus
FA in CC and R posterior thalamic radiations
Vianin et al[22]SCH = 16CRT8fMRIVerbal fluencyInferior parietal lobule, precentral gyrus, Broca’s area, middle occipital cortex, middle cingulate cortex, and superior parietal lobule activity
Subramaniam et al[23]HC = 15 SCH = 30AT15fMRIN-backMiddle frontal and inferior frontal gyri activity
Social-cognitive remediation
Haut et al[13]SCH = 20 HC = 10TAR TAU10fMRIFacial affect recognitionL middle and superior occipital lobe, R inferior and superior parietal cortex, and L and R inferior frontal cortex activity
Combination of cognitive and social-cognitive remediation
Hooker et al[17]SCH = 22AT + SCT11fMRIFacial emotion recognitionPostcentral gyrus activity
Hooker et al[18]SCH = 22AT + SCT11fMRIFacial emotion recognitionL and R amygdala, R putamen and R medial prefrontal cortex