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World J Psychiatr. Apr 19, 2021; 11(4): 109-123
Published online Apr 19, 2021. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v11.i4.109
Table 1 Summary of smart home and sensor technology
Originally developed for
Alexa-enabled home devices, and Alexa Care HubVoice-activated smart speakers, connectable smart home devices, remote smart home monitoringGeneral use, older adultsChung and Woo[16], and Amazon[17,18]
TileLocate misplaced itemsGeneral useTile[23]
Water-leak sensorSmart water shutoff, mobile alertsGeneral useD-Link[34], and Moen[35]
Google Nest ProtectSmoke and carbon monoxide alarm, ‘pathlight’ featureGeneral useGoogle Store[38]
iGuard StoveSmart stove shut-off valve, remote control and monitoring, emergency shut-offOlder adultsGoDaddy[39]
Automatic pill dispensersIntegrated alarms and reminders, multiple medication management, remote monitoring, adherence trackingOlder adultsVervloet et al[42], Boland et al[43], Paterson et al[44], Hoffmann et al[45], Faisal et al[46], Ahmad et al[47], and Patel et al[48]
Table 2 Summary of therapeutic robots
Technology (company)
Functions and intentions
PAROBaby harp sealManaging psychosocial symptoms of anxiety, depression and social interactionHung et al[66], Petersen et al[67], Pu et al[68], Lane et al[69], Jøranson et al[70], Liang et al[71], Jøranson et al[72], Jøranson et al[73], and Moyle et al[74]
Ollie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Baby otterRelieve psychosocial symptoms of dementiaIEEE Spectrum[75]
NeCoRo (Omron)Lap catTactile and recognition sensors and feedback to engage individuals with dementiaMegadroid[76] and Libin and Libin[77]
Joy for All (Hasbro)Golden retriever pup and catsProviding social support for individuals experiencing age-related memory lossAgeless Innovation[78]
Hug by LaughHumanoidAmuse, comfort, engage, beating heart, personalized music playlist, bring joy to support people with late-stage dementiaHug by Laugh[79]
KabochanHumanoidReduce neuropsychiatric symptoms and caregiver distressKe et al[80] and Chen et al[81]