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World J Psychiatry. Feb 19, 2024; 14(2): 315-329
Published online Feb 19, 2024. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v14.i2.315
Table 2 Applying the activation likelihood estimation method to study changes in brain function activity after sleep deprivation
Research methods
Anatomical label BA
Peak MNI coordinate
ALE value
Volume (mm3)
ReHo and ALFF/fALFF decrease
Left middle frontal gyrus, BA 6-3420420.015721801208
Left inferior parietal lobule, BA 40-48-58400.02166488992
ReHo and ALFF/fALFF increase
Subcallosal gyrus, BA 34264-160.015194423680
ALFF decrease
Left inferior parietal lobule, BA 40-48-58400.021612160438
Left supramarginal gyrus, BA 40-56-50400.008252133263
Left middle frontal gyrus, BA 6-3420420.015355002744
ALFF increase
Right cuneus, BA 188-88200.014324005704
ReHo decrease
Left posterior cingulate, BA 30-9-54150.015816410640
Right cuneus, BA 79-72360.009564294448