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World J Psychiatry. Jul 19, 2022; 12(7): 897-903
Published online Jul 19, 2022. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v12.i7.897
Table 1 Summary of findings across social media platforms related to schizophrenia diagnosis
Social media platform
Kelly et al[4]FacebookBlinded clinical raters assessed Facebook posts using standardized symptom scales that correlated with in-person assessments
Birnbaum et al[5]TwitterCombined clinical appraisals with machine learning to achieve accuracy of 88% differentiating users with schizophrenia from controls
Hswen et al[6,7]TwitterUsers with schizophrenia tweet more frequently about depression, anxiety, and suicidality
Rezaii et al[8]RedditLow semantic density and content about voices and sounds in users’ posts were core variables in differentiating users with schizophrenia
Bae et al[9] RedditMachine learning differentiated users with schizophrenia through increased third person plural pronouns, negative emotion words, and symptom-related topics
Kim et al[10]RedditMachine learning able to analyze users’ posts and categorize into range of psychiatric diagnoses
Hänsel et al[11] InstagramUsers with schizophrenia spectrum disorders found to have significantly lower saturation, colorfulness, and decreased number of faces in posted images