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World J Psychiatr. Apr 19, 2020; 10(4): 71-80
Published online Apr 19, 2020. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v10.i4.71
Table 1 Summary of the included and excluded studies with their individual Quality Assessment of Diagnostic-Accuracy Studies-2 details
PICO details
Risk of bias
Applicability concerns
Ref.Sample,nSetting, Age, PNEPDS languageEPDS thres-holdInterview schedule, Reference standardSnSpPSITRSF&TPSITRS
Patel et al[13], 2002270Clinic, 18-40 yr, 6-8 wk PNKonkani11/12CIS-R, ICD-109285UCLLUCUCUCUC
Benjamin et al[14], 2005121Clinic, 17-35 yr, NA-PNTamil8/9CIS-R, ICD-1094.190.2UCLUCUCLLL
Werrett and Clifford[15], 200625Clinic, 23-40 yr; 5-8 wk, 10-14 wk PNPunjabi12.5/13CIDI, ICD-1071.493.7LLLLLLL
Fernandes et al[16], 2011194Clinic, 3rd trimesterKannada12/13MINI-Plus, DSM-IV10084.9UCLLUCLLL
Desai et al[17], 2011200Clinic, 18-35, up to 6 mo PNGujarati10.5/11SSI, DSM-IV10098UCLUCUCLLL
Savarimuthu et al[18], 2012137Community 21-30 yr, 4-6 wk PNTamil6/7CI, ICD-1085.377.7UCLUCLLLL
Kalita et al[19], 2015200Clinic, 18-42 yr, 6 wk PNAssame-se13CI, ICD-1088.985.3UCLUCHLLL
Maity et al[20], 2015105Clinic, NA, NABengali13NA8491HUCHHHHH
Khapre et al[21], 2017280Community, 25 yr median, 2 wk PNMarathi12/13SSI, ICD-1093.894.9UCLUCUCLLL