Case Report
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World J Clin Pediatr. Sep 9, 2023; 12(4): 237-243
Published online Sep 9, 2023. doi: 10.5409/wjcp.v12.i4.237
Table 1 Laboratory tests of our patient during coronavirus disease 2019 infection and follow-up
ParametersAt admission
Follow-up after illness
5th day of illness
9th day of illness
2nd month
6th month
ALP (U/L)41784662252229
AST (U/L)35.830.837.729.3
ALT (U/L)1715.916.518.8
TP (g/dL)
Alb (g/dL)
TB/DB (g/dL)0.25/0.120.17/0.110.37/0.120.24/0.11
GGT (U/L)12---
Cr (mg/dL)0.3---
Ca (mg/dL)9.9-9.7-
P (mg/dL)4.0-4.9-
Mg (mg/dL)2.2-2.26-
iPTH (pg/mL)21.3-26.4-
25-OHD (ng/mL)33.6-23.4-
Table 2 Clinical characteristics and laboratory tests in hyperphosphatasemia associated with coronavirus disease 2019 infection: our patient and previous reports
Clinical characteristics
Our patient
Erat et al[16], 2020
Tchidjou et al[17], 2020
Age (mo)26169
Symptom of COVID-19 infection
    Upper respiratory tract symptomNoYes (Cough, oropharyngeal hyperemia)Yes (Rhinitis)
    Lower respiratory tract symptomNoNoNo
    Gastrointestinal symptomNoYes (Nausea, diarrhea)No
Laboratory tests
    Peak ALP (U/L)4662 (Normal: 111-277)1860 (Normal: 145-420)3384 (Normal: 46-116)
    ALP ratioa16.84.429
    Cr (mg/dL)
    AST (U/L)363437
    ALT (U/L)171439
    GGT (U/L)12138
    Ca (mg/dL)9.99.8NA
    P (mg/dL)45.56.8
    iPTH (pg/mL)21.328.1NA
    25-OHD (ng/mL)33.632NA
Resolution of TH
    Time turned to normal ALP levelTwo monthsOne monthOne month
    ALP (U/L)252254371
Table 3 Viral infections associated with hyperphosphatasemia [13,23-27]
Respiratory syncytial virus
Influenza virus
Epstein-Barr virus