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World J Stomatol. Feb 20, 2015; 4(1): 1-7
Published online Feb 20, 2015. doi: 10.5321/wjs.v4.i1.1
Table 1 Association between angina bullosa hemorrhagica and diabetes mellitus and hypertension
Grinspan et al[3]5424 (44%)10 (0%)
Giuliani et al[16]81 (12.5%)0 (0%)
Yamamoto et al[13]114 (36.4%)3 (27.3%)
Horie et al[17]161 (6.25%)6 (37.5%)
Deblauwe and van der Waal[11]91 (11.1%)0 (0%)
Serra et al[31]40 (0%)2 (50%)
Martini et al[19]40 (0%)2 (50%)
Rosa et al[10]474 (8.5%)17 (32.2%)
Table 2 Clinical differential diagnosis of angina bullosa hemorrhagica with mucocutaneous diseases of an immunological basis
DiseaseType of lesionContent of the blisterLocationCutaneous involvementInvolvement of other mucosal membranes
Angina bullosa hemorrhagicaSubepithelial blisterHematicLM (soft palate)NoOropharynx and esophageal
Mucous membrane pemphigoid[38]Subepithelial blisters and vesiclesSerous and serohematicMM and LM (gingiva)YesOcular, genital, oropharynx, nasal and esophageal
Pemphigus vulgaris[39]Intraepithelial blisters and vesiclesSerousMM and LM (areas of friction)YesNasal, ocular, esophageal, genital, pharyngeal
Linear IgA disease[40]Subepithelial blisters and vesiclesSerous and serohematicMM and LMYesOcular, nasal, genital
Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita[41]Subepithelial blisterSerous, serohematic or hematicMM and LMYesOcular, anal, vaginal, esophageal (depending on the subtype)
Bullous amyloidosis[42]Subepithelial blisterHematicMM and LMYesNot described