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World J Stomatol. Jan 15, 2019; 7(1): 1-19
Published online Jan 15, 2019. doi: 10.5321/wjs.v7.i1.1
Table 3 Studies retrieved from PubMed database evaluating the effect of DPSCs on nerve repair or regeneration in-vitro
AuthorPublication yearSource of stem cellsTarget tissuesObjectiveOutcome
Geng et al[84], 20172017Human DPSCsDifferentiation of hDPSCs.To demonstrate the differentiating ability of resveratrol on DPSCs.Resveratrol induced DPSCs differentiation into neuroprogenitor cells. DPSCs might be an important cell population for neurological disease treatment.
Hafner et al[85], 20172017Human DPSCsSpider dragline silk fibersTo evaluating adhesion and alignment of dental pulp stem cells to a spider silk substrate for tissue engineering applications.Natural drawn spider silk acted as an effective substrate for cellular adhesion and alignment of DPSCs and could be used in neural differentiation applications.
Chang et al[86], 20142014Human DPSCsMedium preparation for the induction of spinal motor neuronal differentiation; Medium preparation for the induction of dopaminergic neuronal differentiationTo evaluate the efficacy of dopaminergic and motor neuronal inductive media on transdifferentiation of human DPSCs (hDPSCs) into neuron-like cells.Human DPSCs-derived dopaminergic and spinal motor neuron cells after induction expressed a higher density of neuron cell markers than those before induction.
Mead et al[60], 20142014Human DPSC, human BMSCs human AMSCsAxotomised adult rat retinal ganglion cellsTo evaluate the therapeutic potential for neurodegenerative conditions of retinal ganglion cells.Human DPSCs promoted significant multi-factorial paracrine-mediated retinal ganglion cell survival and neurite outgrowth compared with Human BMSCs/Human AMSCs.
Martens et al[23], 20142014Human DPSCsDorsal root gangliaEvaluated the differentiation potential of human DPSCs toward SCs, together with their functional capacity with regard to myelination and support of neurite outgrowth.Human DPSCs are able to undergo SCs differentiation and support neural outgrowth.