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World J Hematol. Aug 6, 2017; 6(3): 32-54
Published online Aug 6, 2017. doi: 10.5315/wjh.v6.i3.32
Figure 5
Figure 5 Planimetry of megakaryocyte sizes (μm2) from bone marrow smears in controls, polycythemia vera and chronic granulocytic leukemia upper left: Normal size megakaryocytes in controls; large megakaryocytes in untreated polycythemia vera and small sized megakaryocytes in chronic granulocytic leukemia (Frantzen et al[40]). Demonstration by Michiels (1981) of a spectrum of clustered large megakaryocytes with hyperlobulated nuclei and a normocellular bone marrow in essential thrombocythemia (ET) vs increased bone marrow cellularity duet o increased erythropoiesis in ET and polycythemia vera (PV) vs increased trilinear eythrocythemic, megakaryocythemia and granulocythemic (EMG) proliferation in classical PV according to Dameshek[38] (1950) and Kurnicke et al[39].