Case Report
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World J Dermatol. Nov 2, 2016; 5(4): 136-143
Published online Nov 2, 2016. doi: 10.5314/wjd.v5.i4.136
Table 2 Six additional patients with papular mycosis fungoides
PtARG; Dur1Lesions and Size (mm)DistributionDermal InfiltrateEpidermal LymphocytesImmunophenotype2TCR-γ(method)Course and Status (Duration FU)
168WM; 15 moPa (1-2)T, UE, UEPA, VA, F, PC, Eos, LVCFocal basilar Ep, Med CLs; No PMAsED: NS D: CD4 > CD8, CD30 10%Pos Sk + Bd (SSCP)3Controlled on prednisone; developed pancytopenia; DwD (99 mo)
247 WM; 19 yrPa (3-5)H/N, TA, PV, F, Eos, PC, MtF, LVCFocal basilar Ep, Med-lg CLs; PMAsED: CD4+8-7-62L-30- D: CD4 90%, CD8 < 10%, CD7< 10%, CD62L < 1%, CD30 5%-10%Pos Sk + Bd (DGGE)3Poor or partial response to PUVA, MTX, isotretinoin, XRT, IFNα; DwD (171 mo)
357 WF; 5 yrPa (2-5)LE, UEP, A, Li, PV, CLsBasilar Ep, CLs; No PMAsED: CD4+8-7+62L+30+/- 4 D: CD4 80%, CD8 20%-30%, CD7 40%, CD62L 50%, CD30 1%-2%Neg (DGGE)PUVA/NBUVB: CR; breast CA; RA, HT; A, NED (156 mo)
468 WM; 6 moPa (2-8)T, LEA, Li, F, EE, Neu (v), CLsDiffuse Ep, Med CLs; No PMAsED: CD4+/-8-7+62L-30- D: CD4 60%-70%, CD8 20%, CD7 70%, CD62L 70%, CD30 1%-2%Pos (DGGE)PUVA: CR ; no progression; AwD (210 mo)
558 WM; 2 moPaNd (2-14)T, LESp, Li, F, FM, CLsBasilar Ep, Med-lg CLs; PMAsNot availableNeg (SSCP)5TopHN2: CR; No progression; A, NED (171 mo)
681 WM; 15 moPaNd (5-15)T, LELi, F, CLs, MtFDiffuse Ep, Med-lg CLs; PMAsED: CD4+8-7-62L-30- D: CD4 99%, CD8 1%, CD7 10%, CD62L 99%, CD30 20%Neg (DGGE)3,5PUVA: PR; DwD/MI (12 mo)