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World J Orthop. Oct 18, 2016; 7(10): 657-663
Published online Oct 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i10.657
Table 1 Posterior ankle impingement syndrome pathology
Osseus lesionsSoft tissue lesions
Stieda processFlexor hallux longus tenosynovitis
Os trigonumSynovitis
OsteophytesImpingement of the joint capsule
Osteochondral lesionImpingement of the anomalous muscles
Loose bodies
Subtalar coalition
Table 2 Reported clinical outcomes following hindfoot arthroscopy
Ref.YearNo. of cases (n)LoEFollow-up (mo)Primary outcome measurePre-operative scorePost-operative scoreReturn to sport (wk)
Jerosch et al[32]200610IV28 (6-61)AOFAS438712
Tey et al[33]200715IV3 (15-63)AOFAS84.498.514.1
Horibe et al[34]200811IV33.8 (12-58)AOFAS719912
Scholten et al[28]200855IV38 (24-54)AOFAS71.19018.9
Willits et al[31]200816IV3 (6-74)AOFASN/A9163
Calder et al[35]201027IV23 (15-49)N/AN/AN/A5.9
Noguchi et al[36]201012IV9.7 (6-14)AOFAS6898.35.9
Galla et al[37]201130IV9.7 (6-14)AOFAS6090N/A
Ogut et al[38]201114IV31.6 (8-75)AOFAS53.684.230.6
Nikisch et al[39]201280IV15.4 (5-59)N/AN/AN/AN/A
van Dijk et al[29]200955IV90 (24-480)AOFAS7590N/A
Lopez-Valerio et al[40]201520IV78.6 (24-120)VAS7.50.86.7
Dinato et al[41]201517IIIN/AAOFAS62.992.315.6