Retrospective Study
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World J Orthop. Sep 18, 2023; 14(9): 698-706
Published online Sep 18, 2023. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v14.i9.698
Table 1 Demographic data and treatment details
Age at presentation
No. of injections
Previous treatment
Follow-up (mo)
Histologic result
113MPubic bone5CompleteCurettage + bone graft13Classic ABC
113MSacrum3PartialNone13Consistent with ABC
213FDistal fibula5AbsentTwo curettages + bone graft37Classic ABC
310MIschium6PartialNone29Classic ABC
46MScapula7PartialNone24Classic ABC
525FProximal femur3PartialTwo curettages + bone graft8Classic ABC
614MIleum6PartialNone16Consistent with ABC
74MDistal fibula3CompleteNone4Consistent with ABC
812FDistal tibia1CompleteCurettage + bone substitute31Classic ABC
916MProximal tibia4CompleteCurettage + bone graft33Classic ABC
106MDistal tibia8CompleteTriamcinolone injection47Consistent with ABC
115FProximal fibula3CompleteCurettage + bone substitute38Classic ABC
1215MIschium2PartialNone4Consistent with ABC
1314MDistal fibula4CompleteCurettage + bone graft23Classic ABC
1425MAcetabulum1CompleteTwo curettages + bone graft35Classic ABC
1510F3. metatarsal4CompleteCurettage + bone substitute19Classic ABC
1610MProximal femur3CompleteNone26Classic ABC
1727MProximal radius1CompleteNone11Classic ABC
1816MProximal fibula5CompleteNone6Classic ABC
1918MProximal femur2CompleteThree curettages + bone graft20Consistent with ABC
209MIschium4CompleteNone16Classic ABC
217FDistal tibia6CompleteNone5Classic ABC
221FProximal femur6CompleteNone9Classic ABC