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World J Orthop. Jul 18, 2016; 7(7): 406-417
Published online Jul 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i7.406
Figure 9
Figure 9 Cervicothoracic Hemivertebrae. Grayscale ultrasound image (A) of a 21 wk fetus demonstrate multiple hemivertebrae (arrows) and cervicothoracic kyphosis. Six months postnatal multidetector unenhanced computed tomography of the thorax with volume rendering (B) as well as frontal radiograph of the spine (C) demonstrate multiple vertebral segmentation anomalies, including right upper thoracic and left lumbosacral hemivertebrae (arrows), resulting in congenital cervicothoracic dextroscoliosis.