Systematic Reviews
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World J Orthop. Mar 18, 2015; 6(2): 311-315
Published online Mar 18, 2015. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v6.i2.311
Table 1 Characteristics of the studies evaluating subjects with osteoporosis that received dental implants
Ref.StudyNo. of subjectsNo. of implantsNo. of failuresFollow upSite of implant insertion
Alsaadi et al[19]Retrospective18729 OPO/691 CTL0 OPO/14 CTL2 yr388 max/332 mand
Alsaadi et al[20]Retrospective19 OPO/393 CTL68 OPO/1446 CTL9 (13.24%) OPO/92 (6.3%) CTL2 yr816 max/698 mand
Amorim et al[24]Prospective19 OPO/20 CTL39 OPO/43 CTL1 (2.56%) OPO/0 CTL9 moMandible
de Souza et al[21]Retrospective6 OPO/186 CTL12 (50%) OPO/495 (71%) CTL12 (50%) OPO/203 (29%) CTLNot mentioned354 max/368 mand
With physiologic bone losswith additional bone loss
Dvorak et al[25]Cross-sectional46 OPO/16 OPE/115 CTL8286 (13%) OPO/3 (18.75%) OPE/15 (13%) CTL6 ± 4 yr432 max/396 mand
Peri-implantitis11 (23.9%) OPO/4 (25%) OPE/27 (23.5%) CTL
Eder et al[26]Case report1 OPO605 yrMandible
Friberg et al[22]Retrospective14 OPO702 (2.85%)3.4 yr38 max/32 mand
Holahan et al[23]Retrospective41 OPO/57 OPE/94 CTL143 OPO/197 OPE/306 CTL10 OPO/10 OPE/17 CTL10 yr268 max/378 mand