Retrospective Study
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World J Radiol. Nov 28, 2016; 8(11): 895-901
Published online Nov 28, 2016. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v8.i11.895
Table 1 Demographic features, Scheuermann’s disease patterns, involved intervertebral levels and their numbers, Cobb angle values, level of degenerative disc disease and accompanying magnetic resonance imaging findings of patients
PatientTypeGenderAgeSymptomsNo. of affected levelsInvolved levelsCobb AngleDisc degeneration levelsAccompanying findings
1TMale16Back pain3T9-T1244.1T9-T12T11-T12 diffuse bulging
2TMale16Low back pain5T7-T1240.2T7-T12thoracic scoliosis
3AMale18Low back pain9T9-S149.9T7-8,T9-S1Bulging at all levels of lumbar spine
4TMale17Low back pain5T7-T1263T7-T11Diffused bulging in T6-7, 8-9, 9-10, 11-12
5TMale20Curved back, low back pain7T5-T1266.2T5-T12Bulging in T7-12, increase in lumbar lordosis
6AMale14Curved back9T5-L242.3T5-L2Thoracic syringomyelia, thoracic levoscoliosis, diffuse bulging in T11-T12
7TMale23Back pain8T5-L160.1T5-T10 and T12-L1Bulging in T5-6, T7-T10; syringomyelia from T2 to L1, lumbar levoscoliosis
8TMale19Low back pain6T7-L152T7-T11 and T12-L1Bulging in T8-9 and T10-11
9TMale17Back pain6T6-T1261.7T6-T12Bulging in T10-11, L4-S1, syringomyelia at thoracic T9-10
10TMale17Curved back, kyphosis7T6-L162.1T7-8 single levelParamedian bulging in T7-8
12TFemale11Kyphosis4T5-T967.2T5-6, 7-8, 8-9, 11-12Posterocentral protrusion in T11-12
13AMale16Low back pain7T7-L240.6T4-5, T7-L1Posterocentral protrusion in T4-5, syringomyelia at T3-T5 levels
14TFemale23Back pain3T7-T1050.5T7-T10Multiple bulging
15AMale20Low back pain8T7-L326.3T3-4, 6-7-8-9, 11-12Bulging in T7-8; Posterocentral protrusion in T8-9, 11-12
16AMale14Low back pain8T10-S124.7T10-L5None
17TFemale14Low back pain, scoliosis5T6-T1155.3T6-9, L1-2Diffused bulging in T12-L1, L1-L2
18TMale16Low back pain4T5-T943.3T5-9Posterocentral bulging in T9-10
19TFemale20Back pain, scoliosis3T7-1063.3T7-10Lumbar levoscoliosis
20TFemale16Low back pain, scoliosis7T5-T1248.5T7-9Posterior bulging in T7-8, T8-9