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World J Radiol. Jul 28, 2015; 7(7): 170-179
Published online Jul 28, 2015. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v7.i7.170
Table 1 Protocol for dynamic perfusion computed tomography acquisition
No. of scansCycle time (s)Accumulated time since start of scan (s)
22 (in total)Examination time: 68
Table 2 Computed tomography perfusion parameters[2-4]
Perfusion parametersDefinitionUnitBiomarker
Regional blood flowBlood flow per unit volume or mass of tissuemL/100 mL per minuteTumour vascularization
Regional tumour blood volumeRatio of blood volume to tumour volumemL/100 mLTumour vascularization
Permeability/blood flow extraction (PMB/PS/k-trans)Rate of transfer of contrast agent from the intravascular to the extravascular compartmentmL/100 gm per minuteVascular immaturity
Mean transit timeAverage time taken to travel from artery to veinsPerfusion pressure
Time to peakTime from arrival of the contrast in major arterial vessels to thepeak enhancementsPerfusion pressure
Maximum peak intensityMaximum increase in tissue density after contrast injectionHUTissue blood volume
Table 3 Perfusion computed tomography parameter values for kidney (renal cell carcinoma vs normal renal cortex)[7]
Normal renal cortex (mean ± SD)Renal cell carcinoma (mean ± SD)t valueP value
Blood flow (mL/min per 100 g)454.32 ± 110.90261.96 ± 175.86-7.6200.000
Blood volume (mL/100 g)23.53 ± 5.7117.17 ± 8.34-5.1930.000
Mean transit time (s)3.62 ± 1.387.08 ± 3.427.6700.000
Permeability (mL/min per 100 g)63.95 ± 18.8525.07 ± 13.20-14.1930.000
Table 4 Response evaluation using changes in computed tomography perfusion parameters in two representative cases
Date of studyMIP (HU)TTP (s)BF (mL/100 mL per minute)BV (mL/100 mL)MTT (s)PMB (mL/100 mL per minute)
Case 12013-4-2Normal cortex12011.1202.931.68.747.1
Renal tumour13413.5184.930.810.445.95
2013-9-11Normal cortex12113.220930.29.250.2
Renal tumour7911.517413.2518.1
2013-11-20Normal cortex13010.8229329.645.3
Renal tumour4212.
Case 22013-10-23Normal cortex15711.923627.88.943.7
Renal tumour8812.364.49.38.918.7
2013-12-26Normal cortex14015.2170.929.510.542.1
Renal tumour82.714.860.97.98.413.8
2013-8-3Normal cortex21612.5315387255.2
Renal tumour84.612.372.387.410.8
Table 5 Comparison of the acquisition parameters and dose in dynamic acquisition of perfusion computed tomography and normal contrast enhanced computed tomography chest and abdomen in our institute
Dynamic acquisitionChest and abdomenscan (routine)
Exposure time (s)3314.24
Scan length (mm)155655
Collimation (mm)1.20.6
CTDI vol (mGy)180.17.2
DLP (mGycm)2789.69458.68