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World J Radiol. Apr 28, 2014; 6(4): 72-81
Published online Apr 28, 2014. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v6.i4.72
Table 1 Validation results of the clinical decision support systems based on chemical shift imaging data
Ref.Voxel assignmentAccuracy
De Edelenyi et al[27]Low-grade gliomas92.9%
High-grade gliomas79.16%
Healthy tissue100%
Cerebrospinal fluid100%
Simonetti et al[29]Healthy tissue100%
Cerospinal fluid97%
Glioma grade II83%
Glioma grade III88%
Glioma grade IV100%
Luts et al[32]Glioma II66.6%
Glioma II/III100%
Glioma IV100%
McKnight et al[28]Low grade gliomas vs grade III89%
Li et al[34]Glioblastoma multiforme100%
Glioma II100%
Table 2 Validation results of the clinical decision support systems based on single voxel data
Ref.CDSSDifferentiation problemAccuracy
Supportive raw files
Short TELong TEShort + Long TE
Pérez-Ruiz et al[38]INTERRETLow grade meningiomas vs low grade glial tumors94a89b89c83b84c89c
Pseudotumoural diseasedvs tumorsevs normal brain86c81c92c
García-Gómez et al[41]eTUMOURLow grade glioma vs high grade tumor9284921.5 Tesla MRS data of Philips (sdat/spar) GE up to 9X (SAGE Pxxxx with an shf or sdf/shf) siemens scanners (numaris 4) jMRUI[58] text file
Meningioma vs glioma/Met927894
Low men vs glioma/Met vs low grade glioma877590
Sáez et al[44]HealthAgentsAggressive tumor vs meningioma vs low grade glial94-
Meningioma vs metastasis91-
High grade tumor vs low grade tumor8768 (ch)
Affected tissue vs non affected tissue99-
Tumor vs non tumor97-
Aggressive tumor vs non aggressive tumor8172 (ch)
Glioma vs embryonal tumor-72 (ch)
Glioblastoma vs low grade glioma84-
Glioblastoma vs meningioma91-
Meningioma vs low grade glioma92-
Metastasis vs low grade glioma85-
Vicente et al[46]CURIAM BTAggressive tumor vs non aggressive tumor8587 (ch)1.5 or 3 Tesla MRS data of different manufactures (Siemens, GE, Philips) by means of jMRUI[58] and jDMS[36]
Pilocytic astrocytoma/ependymoma grade II vs medulloblastoma88 (ch)85 (ch)89 (ch)
Pilocytic astrocytoma vs medulloblastoma92 (ch)94 (ch)95 (ch)
Pilocytic astrocytoma vs ependymoma grade II vs medulloblastoma76 (ch)69 (ch)92 (ch)