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World J Radiol. Mar 28, 2012; 4(3): 83-89
Published online Mar 28, 2012. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v4.i3.83
Table 1 Patient characteristics
PatientAge1GenderPresenting symptomsInitial diagnostic imaging
1Birth/5 dMaleCongestive heart failure, cranial bruitNon-contrast head computed tomography
25 mo/8 moMaleMacrocephalus, cranial bruitMagnetic resonance imaging brain +/- contrast
3Prenatal/5 dFemaleCongestive heart failurePrenatal ultrasound
424 yr/27 yrMaleFace pain, dementiaMagnetic resonance imaging brain +/- contrast
521 mo/32 yrFemaleMacrocephalus, cranial bruitSkull X-ray
Table 2 Galen aneurysmal malformations endovascular occlusion
PatientAngio-architecturen1Endovascular accessExtent of occlusionClinical endpointEmbolic agentsPeriprocedural complications
1Choroidal3Transarterial and transvenousCompleteNormalization of cardiac functionFibered and non-fibered platinum coils, N-butyl cyanoacrylateLeft parietal infarct post stage 2 embolization, consumptive coagulopathy and IVH post stage 3 embolization
2Mural3Transarterial and transvenousCompleteNormalization of head circumferenceFibered and non-fibered platinum coils, NBCA, Berenstein liquid coilsNone
3Mural1Transarterial and transvenousSubtotalNormalization of cardiac functionFibered and non-fibered platinum coilsSmall germinal matrix hemorrhage 21 d post embolization
4Mural3Transarterial and transvenousCompleteResolution of vascular dementia and hemifacial painFibered and non-fibered platinum coils, NBCANone
5Mural3Transarterial and transvenousNear completeResolution of vascular dementia, seizures, and headachesFibered and non-fibered platinum coils, NBCA, hydrogel coils, polyvinyl alcohol, ethanolNone
Table 3 Treatment outcomes
PatientFollow-up1Clinical statusBicêtre outcome scoreBarthel index scoreNRS-R executive/cognitive item difficulties
197.2CHF resolved, neurologically intact5100None
262.6Neurologically intact5100None
330.9CHF resolved, neurologically intact, meeting all developmental milestones5NANA
42Neurologically intact, facial pain relief5100None
574.8Neurological deficits including: abducens nerve palsy, left sided hemiparesis (ambulates independently with leg brace), and decreased visual acuity295Mild disorientation, memory, self-appraisal, planning, and decreased initiative/motivation