Retrospective Study
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World J Radiol. Jan 28, 2019; 11(1): 10-18
Published online Jan 28, 2019. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v11.i1.10
Table 1 A total of 13 category A extravascular incidental findings (immediate clinical significance) were identified
RegionEVIFNumber of cases
ChestLung nodule > 1 cm4
Breast nodule1
Mediastinal lymphadenopathy1
Oesophageal wall thickening1
Pleural effusion1
Table 2 Details of the follow-up for the six patients with suspicious incidental findings
Incidental findingFollow-up imaging studyDiagnosis
Multiple pulmonary nodules and sclerotic bone lesionsPlain film radiography of hip, femur, knee, CT TAP (staging)Metastatic cholangiocarcinoma (new lung and bone lesions)
Pulmonary nodule (> 1 cm) with hilar lymph node enlargementCT TAP (staging)Lung adenocarcinoma (index diagnosis)
Mediastinal lymphadenopathy (prior breast cancer)CT TAP (staging), CT-guided lymph node biopsyMetastatic breast cancer (recurrence of primary cancer)
Breast nodule (prior breast cancer)Breast ultrasound (recommended)Follow up imaging unavailable
Multiple lung nodulesCT TAP (staging)Metastatic prostate cancer (new lung lesions)
Lung noduleCT TAP (staging)Metastatic prostate cancer (new lung lesions)
Table 3 Category B lesions (indeterminate but most likely benign) accounted for 50 extravascular incidental findings
RegionEVIFNumber of cases
ChestLung nodule (> 4, < 10 mm)2
Lung lobar atelectasis1
Pleural thickening1
Abdomen/pelvisProminent lymph nodes (≤ 1 cm)13
Hiatal hernia5
Enlarged prostate gland3
Adrenal hyperplasia2
Renal infarct1
Urinary bladder wall thickening1
CBD dilatation1
Gallbladder distension1
Intrahepatic biliary duct dilatation1
Prostatic calcification1
Inguinal hernia1
MusculoskeletalSclerotic bone lesions5
Pectoralis major atrophy1
Spinal stenosis1
Spinal scoliosis1
Head/neckThyroid nodule1
Prominent lymph nodes (≤ 1 cm)6
Table 4 Category C abnormalities (lesions of no clinical significance) accounted for 91 extravascular incidental findings
RegionEVIFNumber of cases
ChestInterstitial lung disease11
Pulmonary consolidation5
Pleural calcification3
Pulmonary nodule < 4 mm1
Abdomen/pelvisRenal cyst12
Diverticular disease10
Atrophic kidney5
Focal liver fat sparing4
Hepatic cyst4
Fatty infiltration of the liver3
Adrenal lipoma2
Atrophic pancreas1
Calcified uterine fibroid1
Omental fat stranding1
Renal scar1
Splenic cyst1
Scrotal hydrocele1
Groin sinus tract1
MusculoskeletalClavicle fracture (old)1
Pelvic fracture (old)1
Humeral head fracture (old)1
Generalised osteopenia (humeral head)1
Head/neckThyroid goitre1
Paranasal sinus mucocele1