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World J Radiol. May 28, 2017; 9(5): 217-222
Published online May 28, 2017. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v9.i5.217
Figure 1
Figure 1 Thirty-nine-year-old male patient with clinically suspected cholesteatoma in the right middle ear. A: Axial CT of the temporal bone with soft-tissue mass in the tympanic space adjacent to malleolus and incus (white arrow); B: Axial T2-weighted MR depicts fluid-like signal in the tympanic space (white arrow); C: Fused axial T2-weighted image and axial EPI DWI RESOLVE without any sign of restriction. Therefore there is no evidence of cholesteatoma; the findings are consistent with chronic otitis media. CT: Computed tomography; DWI: Diffusion weighted imaging; EPI: Echo-planar imaging; RESOLVE: Readout-segmented echo-planar.