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World J Radiol. Jun 28, 2014; 6(6): 366-373
Published online Jun 28, 2014. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v6.i6.366
Table 1 Summary of case series of stereotactic radiosurgery
Ref.nCancer typesDisease settingDoseResponse/ control rateSurvivalGrade 3/4 toxicitiesPatterns of failure
Molla et al[3]16Cervical (7)Uterine (9)Primary (stage 1-3) and recurrenceEBRT 45 GyTSRS 14-20 Gy/2-5 fractions +/- para-aortic boost (2 pts)15 pts NED at 12.6 mo (1 recurrence)Not reportedRectal bleeding (1)Not reported
Deodato et al[13]11Ovarian (4)Cervical (4)Uterine (3)RecurrenceSRS 20-30 Gy/4-6 fractions83.3% overall response rate63% recurrence at 19 moNot reportedNoneSystemic/distant progression (n = 4)Local progression (n = 1)Local and systemic progression (n = 1)
Guckenburger et al[7]19Cervical (12)Uterine (7)RecurrenceEBRT 50 GySRS 15 Gy/3 fractions+/- vaginal BT (3 pts)3 yr local control rate 81%Median OS 25 mo, PFS 16 moIntestino-vaginal fistula (2)Small bowel ileus (1)Systemic progression (n = 7)Local tumor progression (n = 1)Comorbid illness (n = 1)Unknown (n = 1)
Choi et al[10]30Cervical (28)Uterine (2)RecurrenceEBRT 27-45 GySRS 13-45 Gy/1-3 fractions4 yr local control rate 67.4%Median PFS 32 moVarious (5)Locoregional failure (13.8%)Distant mets (10.3%)Local and distant failure (6.9%)
Dewas et al[9]16Cervical (4)Uterine (1)Rectal (4)Anal (6)Bladder (1)RecurrenceEBRT 36-66 Gy (3 pts)SRS 36 Gy/6 fractions1 yr local control rate 51.4%Median OS 11.5 mo (DFS 8.3 mo)NoneNot reported
Haas et al[6]6Cervical (6)Primary (stage 3B-4)EBRT 45 GySRS 19.5-20 Gy/3-5 fractions+/- 50.4-61.2 Gy IMRT boost (5 pts)100% local control at 14 mo100% at 14 moNoneNot reported
Hsieh et al[2]9Cervical (9)Primary(stage 3B-4A)EBRT 50.4 GySRS 15-27 Gy/5-9 fractions3 yr local control rate 77.8%Median OS 13 moDiarrhea (1)Thrombocytopenia (1)Rectal bleeding (3)Rectovaginal fistula (1)Distant metastases (44%)
Hsieh et al[2]31Uterine (31)Primary(stage 1B-3C)IMRT or SRS via HT 45-50.4 Gy/25-28 fractionsICBT 4.5-5 Gy x 2-6 fractionsNot reportedMedian OS 21 moNoneDistant metastases
Kubicek et al[19]11Cervical 7)Uterine (2)Vaginal (2)Primary(stage 2-3C) and recurrenceEBRT or IMRT 45-50.4 GySRS 5-27.5 Gy/1-5 fractionsNot reported73% overall survival at follow-upRectal bleeding (1)Not reported
Kunos et al[20]3Vulvar (3)RecurrenceSRS 24 Gy/3 fractionsNot reported1-3 mo PFSNoneOut of field recurrence
Kunos et al[15]5Endometrial (1) 0varian (3) Cervical (1)RecurrenceSRS 5-8 Gy x 3-5 fractionsNot reportedNot reportedFatigue (1)Distant metastases
Kunos et al[1]Phase II trial50Cervix (9) Endometrial (14)Ovarian (25) Vulvar (2)RecurrenceSRS 24 Gy/3 fractions6 mo clinical benefit 68%Median OS 20.2 moHyperbilirubinemia (1)Enterovaginal fistula (1)Out of fieldrecurrence (62%)