Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Surg. Aug 27, 2019; 11(8): 348-357
Published online Aug 27, 2019. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v11.i8.348
Table 1 Solitary fibrous tumor liver cases with malignant features
NoAuthor (yr)Age/SexPresenta-tionLobeSizeTreatmentHistopatho-logyTumor-markersIHCFollow up
1Fuksbrumera et al[28] (2000)71/FNAR14 × 17Resection (UM)Increased nuclear atypia, mitoses 8/10 HPFNACD34+, Bcl2+, V+NA
2Yilmaz et al[18] (2000)25/FWeakness,fatigue, anorexia, vomiting and progressive jaundiceL + R32 × 30Resection (UM)Cellularity ranged from 20%-60%, necrosis, hypervascularityNADV+Bone metastasis 1 mo postsurgery managed with 6 mo of chemo (cyclophosphamide, adriamycin)
3Terkivatan et al[29] (2006)74/MGastric fullness, postprandial nausea, and weight lossL24 × 21 × 15Resection (FM)A few highly cellular areas mitoses 10 - 13/10 HPFNADCD34+, CD99+, Bcl2+, V+12 mo no signs of local recurrence or distant metastases
4Chan et al[16] (2007)70/MHypoglycaemia, progressive jaundiceR27 × 24 × 12Failed TACE 6 wk preoperatively followed by successful resection (UM)Mildly atypical spindle cells, highly cellular, plemorphia, necrosis, mitoses > 20 HPFCA-125: 145 U/mL (normal< 35 U/mL)CD34+, CD99+, bcl2+, V+bilateral lung metastasis and bi-lobar recurrence at 9 mo
5Brochard et al[30] (2010)54/MAbdominal pain, weight lossR17Resection (FM)Moderately cellular, polymorphic cells, mitoses < 5/10 HPFNADCD34+, V+, desmin+, actin+Patient died 1 mo after for Local recurrence 6 yr postsurgery, cranial base metastasis, Retroperitoneal and iliac bone metastasis
6Fama et al[21] (2008)68/MHypoglycaemic comaR15Resection (FM)Hypercellular, moderately atypical nuclei, mitoses 20/10 HPFNADCD34+, Bcl2+25 mo no signs of local recurrence or distant metastases
7Peng et al[17] (2011)24/FAbdominal discomfort and distentionR30 × 17 × 15TACE few days prior to resection (FM)Highly cellular, pleomorphic, necrosis, mitoses > 10/HPFCA-125 augmentedCD34+, bcl2+, V+Patient died 16 mo after initial surgery for skull base metastases, Vertebral metastasis
8Belga et al[31] (2012)66/FIncrease in abdominal girthR14Resection (UM)Mitoses > 4/10 HPF, necrosis, mild nuclear atypiaNADCD34+30 mo no signs of local recurrence or distant metastases
9Jakob et al[32] (2013)62/FUpper abdominal pain, weight lossLNAResection (UM)High cellularity, cytological atypia, necrosis, mitoses 6/10 HPFNADCD34+, CD99+, bcl2+NA
10Vythianathan and Yong[33] (2013)78/MEpigastric painL17 × 13Resection (UM)Cellular pleomorphism, necrosis, mitoses > 4/10 HPFNACD34+, CD99+, bcl2+, V+NA
11Song et al[34] (2014)49/MAbdominal painL+R7.6 × 5 × 4.8Resection (UM)NADNACD34+, bcl2+, V+NA
12Du et al[4] (2015)55/FHypoglycaemia, weight lossL15.3 × 15.5 × 15.4Resection (UM)NANADCD34+, bcl-2+Local recurrence 5 yr postsurgery, resected
13Feng et al[8] (2015)52/FNAR12Resection (UM)Haemorrhage, necrosisNADCD34+Local recurrence 2 yr postsurgery on L lobe managed with PEI. New lesion 6 mo after PEI
14Silvanto et al[35] (2015)65/MIncidental findingL18Resection (FM)Myxoid changes, infarction, necrosis mitoses 5-7/10 HPFNADCD34+, CD99+, Bcl2+16 mo no signs of local recurrence or distant metastases
15Maccio et al[26] (2015)74/FRight abdominal pain, distensionR24 × 16Resection (UM)Nuclear pleomorphism, cytological atypia, necrosis, haemorrhage, mitoses 9/10 HPFNACD34+, Bcl2+, V+, STAT6+Lung, omentum, mesentery and abdominal wall metastasis at 9 mo. Patient died 4 mo later
1680/FDyspnoea, cough, asthenia, abdominal painR19 × 15Palliative ChemotherapyHighly cellular, pleomorphism, necrosis, haemorrhage, mitoses 7/10 HPFNACD34+, Bcl-2+, V+, STAT6+R lung metastasis. Patient died 5 mo later
1765/MAbdominal discomfort, vomiting and painR3 × 2ChemotherapyCytological atypia, necrosis, mitoses > 6/10 HPFNACD34+, Bcl2+, V+, STAT6+Bilateral lung metastasis. Patient died 5 mo later
18Nelson et al[1] (2016)61/MDiarrhoeaR15 × 11.5 × 7.5Resection (FM)Myxoid changes, mitoses > 9/10 HPFNADCD34+, CD99+, Bcl2+Extensive local recurrence and pleural metastases. Patient died 6 yr post-surgery
19Esteves et al[7] (2018)68/FIncidental findingR13.3 × 11.6 × 13.5Resection (FM)Focal high-grade cytologic atypia, mitoses 25-27/10 HPFNADCD34+, STAT6+20-mo follow-up multiple bilateral pulmonary
20De Los Santos-Aguilar et al[36] (2019)61/Mhypoglycemia disorientation, incoherent speechR16 × 13 × 11Right portal embolization. Six weeks after resection (FM)High proliferation rate of 8/10 HPF Ki-67 15%NADCD34+, Bcl2+, CD99+No evidence of metastases
21Yugawa et al[10] (2019)49/FMalaise abdominal bloatingR14Resection (FM)Foci of hemorrhage and necrosis Mitosis 1/20 HPF)NADSTAT6+ V+12 mo no signs of local recurrence or distant metastases
22Present case74/MHypoglycemiaL15 × 13Resection (FM)Moderately cellular, pleomorphism, necrosis, mitoses 4/10 HPF Ki-67 35%CD34+, Bcl2+, CD99+At the moment, 2 mo no signs of local recurrence or distant metastases