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World J Diabetes. May 15, 2017; 8(5): 172-186
Published online May 15, 2017. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v8.i5.172
Table 1 Baseline characteristics and renal end points of randomised trials of intensive vs standard glucose control in type 2 diabetes
Baseline characteristics
No. of subjects386710251111401791
Age (yr)53626660
Duration of diabetes (yr)010811.5
History of CV disease (%)NR353240
Median HbA1c at baseline (%)
Duration of follow-up (yr)
Achieved median HbA1c for I vs S (%) (mmol/mol)7.0 vs 7.9 (53 vs 63)6.4 vs 7.5 (46 vs 59)6.3 vs 7.0 (45 vs 53)6.9 vs 8.5 (52 vs 69)
Microalbuminuria (%)112526N/A
Macroalbuminuria (%)274N/A
Renal outcomes
Microalbuminuria (HR or RR)0.67a (0.53-0.86)0.79a (0.69-0.90)0.91a (0.85-0.98)0.85 (0.59-1.23)
Macroalbuminuria (HR or RR)0.66 (0.39-1.10)0.68a (0.58-0.86)0.70a (0.57-0.85)0.56a (0.33-0.96)
Worsening albuminuria (HR or RR)N/AN/AN/A0.72a (0.53-0.97)
Doubling of creatinine (HR or RR)0.26a (0.39-1.10)1.07 (1.01-1.13)0.83 (0.54-1.27)1.0 (0.74-1.35)
Decline in eGFR (HR or RR)N/AN/AN/A0.61 (0.37-1.00)
ESKD (HR or RR)N/A0.95 (0.73-1.24)0.35a (0.15-0.83)0.63 (0.25-1.6)
Table 2 Renal end points in observational post-randomisation trials of intensive glucose control in type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Diabetes type12
Impaired eGFR (HR or RR)0.63a (0.10-0.55)N/A
Impaired eGFR or death (HR or RR)0.5a (0.18-0.69)N/A
ESKD (HR or RR)0.49 (-0.14-0.79)0.54a (0.34-0.85)
ESKD or renal death (HR or RR)0.63 (0.10-0.55)N/A
Table 3 Comparison of cardiovascular outcomes and mortality in randomised trials of intensive glucose control in type 2 diabetes participants with and without chronic kidney disease
Total mortalityCV mortalityTotal mortalityCV mortality
Overall study results (HR or RR)1.22a (1.01-1.46)1.35a (1.04-1.76)0.93 (0.83-1.06)0.88 (0.74-1.04)
Non-CKD participants (HR or RR)1.08 (0.87-1.34)1.14 (0.82-1.58)0.74 (0.76-1.15)0.78 (0.58-1.07)
CKD participants (HR or RR)1.31a (1.07-1.60)1.41a (1.05-1.89)0.91 (0.72-1.14)0.90 (0.67-1.22)