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World J Diabetes. Jul 25, 2015; 6(8): 1033-1044
Published online Jul 25, 2015. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v6.i8.1033
Table 3 Benefits of maternal exercise for the foetus and the child
Benefits to the foetus[100-104]Benefits to the foetus[1,58,73,104,105]
Lower heart rate response to acute maternal exerciseLower birth weights
Increased amniotic fluidsIncreased gestational ages (lower risk of preterm birth)
Increased in placenta viability and volumeImproved neurodevelopment and lower body fat percentage
Increase in vascular functionInfants have higher behaviour regulatory ability and orientation
Faster placental growth and greater villous tissueAt the age of five children have less body fat, higher general language intelligence and oral language
Higher tolerance to labour