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World J Diabetes. Jun 15, 2014; 5(3): 288-295
Published online Jun 15, 2014. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v5.i3.288
Table 1 The effect of thiamine or benfotiamine supplementation on surrogate markers related to hyperglycemia in human studies
Arora et al[56]ThiamineImproved endothelial-dependent vasodilation in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance and in T2DM patients
Du et al[57]Benfotiamine + α-lipoic acidNormalization of AGEs production and prostacyclin synthase activity and decreases hexosamine-modified protein in monocytes without changing glycaemic control in T1DM
González-Ortiz et al[58]ThiamineLower blood glucose and leptin in T2DM patients
Polizzi et al[59]Thiamine + vitamin B6Administration of vitamin B6 together with thiamine but not B6 itself decreases DNA glycation in T2DM
Riaz et al[60]ThiamineDecreased albumin in urine in T2DM patients
Schupp et al[61]BenfotiamineDecreased genomic damage in peripheral lymphocytes in haemodialysis patients
Stirban et al[62]BenfotiamineNo effect on skin autofluorescence in T2DM patients
Stirban et al[63]BenfotiamineNo effect on flow-mediated dilation in T2DM patients