Basic Study
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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Feb 15, 2024; 16(2): 414-435
Published online Feb 15, 2024. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v16.i2.414
Figure 2
Figure 2 Differentially methylated positions in adenoma and colorectal cancer. A: Barplot showing the relative frequency of hypermethylated and hypomethylated differentially methylated positions (DMPs) in adenoma (ADE) and colorectal cancer; B and C: Barplots showing the distribution of DMPs on CpG island features and gene-region location features; D: Lollipop plots showing the number of DMPs (left vertical axis, black dots) with the number of genes to which DMPs were uniquely mapped (right vertical axis, red dots); E: UpSet plot indicating the size of DMP sets and the intersections based on their overlaps. ADE: Adenoma; CRC: Colorectal cancer; DMP: Differentially methylated position.