Opinion Review
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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Jun 15, 2021; 13(6): 462-471
Published online Jun 15, 2021. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v13.i6.462
Figure 4
Figure 4 Submucosal-tunneling endoscopic resection treatment of gastric stromal tumor. A: Gastric stromal tumor (GST) at the esophagogastric junction; B: Submucosal injection was initiated by needle in the esophagus about 5 cm away from the GST; C and D: The esophageal mucosa was cut open to establish a submucosal tunnel to the tumor; E: An IT knife was used to separate the root of the tumor; F: Heat coagulation and hemostatic therapy on wound surface after tumor resection; G: The opening of the esophageal tunnel was sealed with titanium clamps; H: Complete resection of the tumor.