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World J Hepatol. Feb 27, 2018; 10(2): 186-212
Published online Feb 27, 2018. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v10.i2.186
Table 1 Overview of the size of hepatitis C virus proteins
ProteinNo. of aaaa position n ref. seq.MW of protein, kDa
Core immature1911-19123
Core mature1741-17421
F protein of ARF protein126-161Approximately 16-17
Table 2 Commercially available hepatitis C virus RNA detection assays
AssayDistributorTechnologyDetection limits (IU/mL)GenotypesApproval status
Qualitative HCV RNA detection assays
AmplicorTM HCV 2.0Roche molecular SystemsPCR50AllFDA, CE
VersantTM HCVSiemens Medical Solutions DiagnosticsTMA5-10AllFDA, CE
Quantitative HCV RNA detection
AmplicorTM HCV Monitor 2.0Roche molecular SystemsPCR500 to approximately 5.105AllCE
HCV SuperQuantTMNational Genetics institutePCR30 to 107AllU.S only
VersantR HCV RNA 3.0Siemens Medical Solutions DiagnosticsbDNA615 to 8.106AllFDA, CE
CobasR AmpliPrep/High pure system/CobasR TaqManRRoche molecular SystemsReal-time PCR15 to 107AllFDA, CE
Abbot RealTimeTM HCVAbbot DiagnosticsReal-time PCR10 to 107AllFDA, CE
Artus HCV QS-RGQ assayQiagenReal-time PCR34 to 108AllCE
VersantRR HCV 1.0 kPCR assaySiemensReal-time PCR10 to approximately 107-CE
Table 3 Selected directly acting antiviral agents and host targeting agents in the pipeline[63]
Drugs nameCompanyTarget/active sitePhase
NS3/4A protease inhibitors
Vaniprevir (MK-7009)MerckActive site/macrocyclicIII
Voxilaprevir GS-9857GileadActive siteIII
Glecaprevir (ABT-493)AbbvieActive siteIII
IDX21437IdenixActive siteII
Sovaprevir (ACH-1625)AchillionActive site/macrocyclic?II
Nucleoside analog NS5B polymerase inhibitors (NI)
MK-3682 (formerly IDX20963)MerckActive siteII
ACH-3422Achillion/JanssenActive siteII
Non- Nucleoside analog NS5B polymerase inhibitors (NNI)
Beclabuvir (BMS-791325)Bristol-Myers SquibNNI site 1/Thumb 1III
Setrobuvir (ANA598)Anadys/RocheNNI site 4?/palm 1II
NS5A inhibitors
BMS-824393Bristol-Myers SquibbNS5A proteinII
PPI-461PresidioNS5A proteinII
PPI-668PresidioNS5A proteinII
Pibrentasvir (ABT-530)AbbvieNS5A proteinIII
ACH-2928AchillionNS5A proteinI
Ruzasvir (MK-8408)MerckNS5A proteinII
Host targeting agents
SCY-635ScynexisCyclophilin inhibitorII
MiravirsenSantarismiRNA122 antisense NAII
RG-101-RegulusmiRNA122 antisense NAII
TT-0034Tacere TherapeuticsRNA interference with HCVII
Table 4 Selected directly acting antiviral agents and host targeting agents whose development has been stopped or temporarily halted[63]
Drugs name Company Target/Active site
NS3 /4A protease inhibitors
Ciluprevir BILN 2061Boehringer IngelheimActive site/macrocyclic
Narlaprevir (SCH900518)Schering-PloughActive site/linear
PHX1766PheromixActive site
Danoprevir (R7227)Roche/InterMuneActive site/macrocyclic
Faldaprevir (BI201335)Boehringer IngelheimActive site/linear
Telaprevir (VX-950)VertexWithdrawn
Boceprevir (SCH503034)MerckWithdrawn
Nucleoside analogue NS5B polymerase inhibitors (NI)
Valopicitabine (NM283)Idenix/NovartisActive site
R1626RocheActive site
Mericitabine (R7128)Roche/PharmassetActive site
GS-938GileadActive site
IDX184IdenixActive site
Non-nucleoside NS5B polymerase inhibitors (NNI)
BILB 1941Boehringer IngelheimNNI site 1/thumb
MK-3281MerckNNI site 1/thumb 1
VX-759VertexNNI site 2/thumb 2
VX-222VertexNNI site 2/thumb 2
VX-916VertexNNI site 2/thumb 2
ABT-072AbbVieNNI site 3/palm 1
HCV-796ViroPharma/WyethNNI site 4/palm 2
Filibuvir (PF-00868554)PfizerNNI site 2/thumb 2
IDX375IdenixNNI site 4/palm 2
Tegobuvir (GS-9190)GileadNNI site 4/palm 2
GS-9669GileadNNI site 3/palm 1
DeleobuvirBöhringerNNI site 3/palm 1
Host targeting agents
NIM811NovartisCyclophilin inhibitor
Alisporivir (Debio-025)NovartisCyclophilin inhibitor