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World J Hepatol. Apr 8, 2015; 7(4): 696-702
Published online Apr 8, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i4.696
Table 2 MicroRNAs that control hepatitis B virus gene replication and expression through cellular targets
MiRNAsCellular targetsEffects on HBV biology or pathogenesisExpressionRef.
miR-1HDAC4/E2F5Increases HBV replication by augmenting FXRA activityDown[29]
miR-15bHNF1αPromotes HBV replication and expression of HBV antigens, including HBx proteinDown[39]
miR-29cTNFAIP3Suppresses HBV DNA replication and cell proliferation and inhibits apoptosis of HCCDown (HCC)[41]
miR-122Cyclin G1Suppresses HBV replicationDown[31]
(HO-1)Promotes HBV expression by inhibiting HO-1 expression[30]
NDRG3Inhibits viral replication and HBV HCC proliferation[32]
miR-125bSCNN1AInhibits HBV expressionDown[42]
miR-141PPARASuppresses HBV replication by inhibiting PPARA-HBV promoter interaction[44]
miR-155C/EBPElevates HCC levels/promotes HCC cell growthUp[46]
miR-372/373NFIBPromotes HBV replicationUp[33]
upmiR-372CREBPromotes HBV replication[34]
miR-501HBIP (HBx inhibitor)Promotes HBV replicationUp[45]