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World J Hepatol. Jan 27, 2018; 10(1): 142-154
Published online Jan 27, 2018. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v10.i1.142
Table 1 Search results of vitamin D and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Database/searchSearch termsSearch results
1("liver cirrhosis"/exp OR cirrhosis: ti, ab OR cirrhoses: ti, ab OR fibrosis: ti, ab OR fibroses: ti, ab)
2("vitamin D"/exp OR "25 hydroxyvitamin d"/exp OR "vitamin d": ti, ab OR "ergocalciferols": ti, ab OR "ergocalciferol": ti, ab OR "25 hydroxy vitamin d": ti,ab OR "25 hydroxyvitamin d": ti, ab OR "25 hydroxy d": ti, ab OR "25(OH)D": ti, ab OR "25-hydroxyvitamin d 2": ti, ab)
3("nonalcoholic fatty liver"/exp OR "Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver": ti, ab OR "nonalcoholic fatty liver": ti, ab OR "Non-alcoholic Fatty Livers": ti, ab OR "nonalcoholic fatty livers": ti, ab OR "NAFLD": ti, ab OR "NASH": ti, ab OR "nonalcoholic steatohepatitis": ti, ab OR "nonalcoholic steatohepatitides": ti,ab OR "fatty liver"/de OR "fatty liver": ti, ab OR "Steatohepatitis": ti, ab OR "Steatosis of Liver": ti, ab OR "Liver Steatosis": ti, ab OR "Liver Steatoses": ti, ab OR "hepatic steatosis": ti, ab OR "hepatosteatosis": ti, ab)
41 and 2 and 3199
Web of science
1("Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver" OR "nonalcoholic fatty liver" OR "Non-alcoholic Fatty Livers" OR "nonalcoholic fatty livers" OR "NAFLD" OR "NASH" OR "nonalcoholic steatohepatitis" OR "fatty liver" OR Steatohepatitis OR "Steatosis of Liver" OR "Liver Steatosis" OR "Liver Steatoses" OR "hepatic steatosis" OR "hepatosteatosis")
2("liver cirrhosis" OR cirrhosis OR cirrhoses OR fibroses OR fibrosis)
3("vitamin d" OR "ergocalciferols" OR "ergocalciferol" OR "25 hydroxy vitamin d" OR "25 hydroxyvitamin d" OR "25 hydroxy d" OR "25(OH)D" OR "25-hydroxyvitamin d 2")
41, 2 and 369
1MeSH descriptor: [Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease] explode all trees181
2MeSH descriptor: [Liver Cirrhosis] explode all trees2462
3MeSH descriptor: [Vitamin D] explode all trees2907
4"Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver" or "nonalcoholic fatty liver" or "Non-alcoholic Fatty Livers" or "nonalcoholic fatty livers" or "NAFLD" or "NASH" or "nonalcoholic steatohepatitis" or "fatty liver" or Steatohepatitis or "Steatosis of Liver" or "Liver Steatosis" or "Liver Steatoses" or "hepatic steatosis" or"hepatosteatosis": ti, ab, kw1470
5"liver cirrhosis" or cirrhosis or cirrhosis or fibrosis or fibroses: ti,ab,kw13273
6"vitamin d" or "ergocalciferols" or "ergocalciferol" or "25 hydroxy vitamin d" or "25 hydroxyvitamin d" or "25 hydroxy d" or "25(OH)D" or "25-hydroxyvitamin d 2": ti,ab,kw6061
71 or 41470
82 or 513273
93 or 66722
107 and 8 and 913
1(("Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease"[Mesh] OR "Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver"[tw] OR "nonalcoholic fatty liver"[tw] OR "Non-alcoholic Fatty Livers"[tw] OR "nonalcoholic fatty livers"[tw] OR "NAFLD"[tw] OR "NASH"[tw] OR "nonalcoholic steatohepatitis"[tw] AND "Fatty Liver"[Mesh: noexp] OR "fatty liver"[tw] OR Steatohepatitis[tw] OR "Steatosis of Liver"[tw] OR "Liver Steatosis"[tw] OR "Liver Steatoses"[tw] OR "hepatic steatosis"[tw] OR "hepatosteatosis"[tw])
2("vitamin d"[mh] OR "vitamin d"[tw] OR "ergocalciferols"[tw] OR "ergocalciferol"[tw] OR "25 hydroxy vitamin d"[tw] OR "25 hydroxyvitamin d"[tw] OR "25 hydroxy d"[tw] OR "25(OH)D"[tw] OR "25-hydroxyvitamin d 2"[tw])
3("liver cirrhosis"[mh] OR cirrhosis[tw] OR cirrhoses[tw] OR fibrosis[tw] OR fibroses[tw])
41 and 2 and 356
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Final total236