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World J Stem Cells. Aug 26, 2020; 12(8): 787-802
Published online Aug 26, 2020. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v12.i8.787
Table 1 Completed clinical trial trials of stem cells in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Study name (study date)Current stateLength (phase)SiteSubjects (age)DesignStem cellRoute (n)Dosage (participants)n1Outcome measures
NCT03117738 (4/2017-9/2019)Active, NR32 wk (I/II)United StatesAD (> 50)PBO-control, Double-blindAD-MSCIV (9)NA21ADAS-cogMMSE, CDR-SB, NPI, GDS, ADL, biomarkers (MRI, Aβ, etc.)
NCT04040348 (4/2019-9/2021)Recruiting65 wk (I)United StatesAD (50-85)Open labelH-MSCIV (NA)1 × 108 (5), 2 × 108 (5)10AE numberADAS-cog, MMSE, GDS, ADL, NPI, diverse biomarkers
NCT02600130 (4/2019-9/2021)Active, NR65 wk (II)United StatesAD (50-80)PBO-control, Double-blindL-MSCIV (1)2 × 107 (10), 1 × 108 (10), PBO (5)25AE numberADAS-cog, ADL, biomarkers (CSF, Aβ)
NCT02672306 (10/2017-10/2019)Active, NR36 wk (I/II)ChinaAD (50-85)PBO-control, Double-blindHUC-MSCIV (8)0.5 × 106/kg (NA), PBO (NA)16ADAS-cogADAS-cog, CIBIC, CIBIC plus, MMSE, ADL, NPI biomarkers (plasma Aβ, etc.)
NCT03724136 (10/2018-10/2022)Recruiting12 moUnited StatesAD+ other neurological disease (> 18)Open label, Three groupsB-MSCIV (NA)NA100MMSE, ASQ-SEActivities of daily living
NCT01547689 (2012.3-2016.12)Unknown status10 wk (I/II)ChinaAD (50-85)Open label, Single-center, Self-controlHUC-MSCIV (8)0.5 × 106/kg30AE numberADAS-cog, MMSE, CIBIC, ADL, NPI biomarkers (Aβ, tau, etc.)