Case Control Study
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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 21, 2020; 26(39): 6015-6026
Published online Oct 21, 2020. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v26.i39.6015
Table 1 Characteristics of patients undergoing total colectomy and end ileostomy for medically refractory colitis by laparoscopic access including how commenced and completed and by patient preoperative albumin

Single port started (n = 27)
Single port completed (n = 24)
Single port completed, preop Alb > 30 (n = 18)
Single port completed, preop Alb < 30 (n = 6)
Multiport started (n = 12)
Multiport completed (n = 13)
Multiport completed, Alb > 30 (n = 12)
Median age (yr)37363934.436.637.641
Median BMI (kg/m2)23.32323.521.422.225.825.9
Males16 (59%)14 (58%)9 (50%)4 (66%)4 (33%)4 (31%)4 (33%)
Anti-TNF agents16 (59%)14 (58%)9 (50%)5 (83%)7 (58%)9 (69%)8 (66%)
Median preop Alb36373924.5383838
Median preop Hb12.912.613.110.411.611.912
Median preop CRP292510519918.7
Total OT time (min)290285285275300302301
Operative time (min)182180180177.5205235230
Postop length of stay5557.57.587
Table 2 Characteristics of patients undergoing total colectomy and end ileostomy for medically refractory colitis by laparotomy (either at commencement or by completion)

Laparotomy commenced (n = 7)
Laparotomy completed (n = 9)
Age (yr)4945
Males6 (85%)8 (88%)
Preop Alb3027
Median length of stay1116
Table 3 Postoperative complications after laparoscopic total colectomy and end ileostomy presented for groups by how operation was commenced as per Clavian-Dindo (contracted form)
Complication grade
Definition by Clavien-Dindo
Single port group (n = 27)
Multiport group (n = 12)
First 30 d
IAny deviation from postop course without intervention3Serous discharge from around stoma site (all patients albumin < 30)3Persistent pneumoperitoneum with pain; Non-cardiac chest pain, high output stoma
IIPharmacological treatment2Parastomal wound infection; Portal vein thrombosis treated by anticoagulation diagnoses after discharge2Parastomal wound infection; Umbilical port infection (pt started single port, converted due to adhesions); Portal vein thrombosis treated by anticoagulation (CT diagnosis on day 2 postop in patient begun multiport and converted to open due to extreme colonic friability)
IIISurgical, endoscopic or radiological intervention1Return to theatre on day 4 postop for fascial release for oedematous stoma (pt with preop Alb < 30)2Radiological drain of intrabdominal collection in one patient started by single port but converted to multiport laparoscopy and in another started by multiport but converted to open (retroperitoneal colon perforations found at surgery)
IV/VLife-threatening complication/Death0-0-
After 30 dMedian follow-up 12.3 moMedian follow-up 10.5 mo
I0-1Parastomal hernia
III2Both parastomal hernia requiring repair. (One performed at time of complection proctectomy, other requiring urgent laparoscopic repair)