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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 28, 2016; 22(48): 10523-10531
Published online Dec 28, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i48.10523
Table 1 Clinical characteristics of previously reported cases
Author (yr)Number of patientsSex (M:F)Age (yr, average)Race or nationalityClinical symptomsTherapeutic methodSurvival time (mo, average)Outcome
Tsukamoto et al[4] (2007)1F82JapaneseNo symptomEMRNDND
Ueyama et al[5] (2010)106:465.5 (42-79)Japanese: 10NDEMR: 237.1 (10-70)Alive, NED: 10
ESD: 5
Operation: 3
Fukatsu et al[6] (2011)1M56JapaneseNo symptomEAM12Alive, NED
Terada et al[7] (2011)1M78JapaneseAbdominal pain (colon cancer)No therapy (only biopsy)3Died (colon cancer)
Park et al[8] (2012)33:065.3 (47-76)Korean: 3NDESD: 124.3 (11-32)Alive, NED: 3
Operation: 1
Operation after ESD: 1
Singhi et al[9] (2012)104:664.2 (44-79)Hispanic: 4GERD: 10polypectomy: 1015.4 (6-39)Alive, NED: 8
Caucasian: 2Alive, persistence: 1 ND: 1
African American: 2
Chinese: 1
Unknown: 1
Chen et al[10] (2012)1M79CaucasianGERDEMR2Alive, NED
Esophageal stricture
Abe et al[11] (2013)1F71JapaneseNo symptomEMR12Alive, NED
Ueyama et al[12] (2014)106:466.5 (55-78)Japanese: 10NDEMR: 213.2 (1-19)Alive, NED: 10
ESD: 8
Miyazawa et al[13] (2015)53:272.2 (67-78)Japanese: 5No symptom: 5ESD: 419.4 (10-28)Alive, NED: 5
Operation after ESD: 1
Parikh et al[14] (2015)1M66CaucasianHeartburn (GERD)EMRNDAlive, NED
Kato et al[15] (2015)1M80sJapaneseNDCLEAN-NET3Alive, NED
Fujii et al[16] (2015)1F64JapaneseNDESDNDND
Table 2 Endoscopic characteristics of previously reported cases
Author (yr)Number of patientsLocation (U:M:L)Size (mm, average)Macroscopic shapeColor toneVessel findingsNBI with magnification
Tsukamoto et al[4] (2007)1U16ElevatedNormalVasodilationNDND
Ueyama et al[5] (2010)1010:0:08.6 (4-20)Elevated: 5NDNDNDND
Depressed: 5
Fukatsu et al[6] (2011)1U5ElevatedYellowishNDNDND
Terada et al[7] (2011)1U20ElevatedReddishVasodilationNDND
Park et al[8] (2012)31:1:12.6 (1.2-3.6)Elevated and depressed: 3NDNDNDND
Singhi et al[9] (2012)1010:0:04.3 (2-8)Elevated: 10NDNDNDND
Chen et al[10] (2012)1U12ElevatedWhitishVasodilationNDND
Abe et al[11] (2013)1UNDElevatedYellowishNDNDND
Ueyama et al[12] (2014)106:4:09.3 (3-31)Elevated: 6Whitish: 8Vasodilation: 5NDND
Depressed: 3Reddish: 2Normal: 5
Miyazawa et al[13] (2015)55:0:07.8 (5-13)Elevated: 4Whitish: 3Vasodilation: 5Regular: 3Regular: 3
Flat: 1Normal: 2Absent: 2Irregular: 2
Parikh et al[14] (2015)1U7ElevatedReddishVasodilationNDND
Kato et al[15] (2015)1U15ElevatedWhitishVasodilationRegularRegular
Fujii et al[16] (2015)1U< 10DepressedWhitishVasodilationAbsentIrregular
Table 3 Histopathological characteristics of previously reported cases
Author (year)Number of patientsBackground mucosaDepth (M:SM) (µm, average)Lymphatic invasion (+:-)Venous invasion (+:-)MUC2 (+:-)MUC5AC (+:-)MUC6 (+:-)CD10 (+:-)Overexpression of p53 (+:-)Ki-67 LI (%, average)
Tsukamoto et al[4] (2007)1NDM(-)(-)NDND(+)NDND7.9
Ueyama et al[5] (2010)10Normal: 71:90:100:100:101:910:00:100:103.6
Metaplasia: 1844 (150 to 4000)
ND: 2
Fukatsu et al[6] (2011)1NDSM, 100(-)(-)ND(-)(+)NDNDND
Park et al[8] (2012)3Metaplasia: 21:20:30:30:33:03:00:3NDND
Gastritis: 1
Singhi et al[9] (2012)10Normal: 710:00:100:100:30:1010:0ND0:92.6
Gastritis: 3ND: 1(0.2-10)
Chen et al[10] (2012)1NormalSM (Details unknown)(-)(-)(-)(-)(-)(-)(-)3.8
Abe et al[11] (2013)1NormalSM (Details unknown)(-)(-)(-)(-)(-)(-)(-)1.9
Ueyama et al[12] (2014)10Normal: 95:51:90:100:104:610:02:80:108.6 (1-20)
Gastritis: 1360 (100 to 1200)
Miyazawa et al[13] (2015)5Normal: 40:51:40:50:50:55:0ND0:5Very low: 5 (Details unknown)
Gastritis: 1620 (80 to 1230)
Parikh et al[14] (2015)1NDSM (Details unknown)(-)(-)NDNDNDNDNDND
Kato et al[15] (2015)1NormalSM, 300(-)(-)NDND(+)NDNDND
Fujii et al[16] (2015)1NormalSM, 300(-)(-)ND(-)(+)NDNDND