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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 28, 2016; 22(32): 7311-7321
Published online Aug 28, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i32.7311
Table 1 The summary of the trials conducted using stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
StudyYearnDose/fraction (Gy/Fr)Local controlOverall survivalSevere hepatic toxicity
Cárdenes et al[65]20101736–48 Gy/3 or 5 Fr2-yr, 100%2-yr, 60%27% in CPC-B
Kwon et al[35]20104230–39 Gy/3 Fr3-yr, 68%3-yr, 59%Gr ≥ 3, 2%
Andolino et al[5]20116040–48 Gy/3 or 5 Fr2-yr, 90%2-yr, 67%Gr ≥ 3, 0%
Bujold et al[36]201310224–54 Gy/6 Fr2-yr, 74%2-yr, 34%Gr ≥ 3, 17%
Kang et al[66]20124742–60 Gy/3 Fr2-yr, 95%2-yr, 69%Gr ≥ 3, 19%
Yoon et al[67]20139330–60 Gy/3-4 Fr3-yr, 92%3-yr, 54%Gr ≥ 3, 7%
Sanuki et al[68]201418535–40 Gy/5 Fr3-yr, 91%3-yr, 70%Gr 5, 7% in CPC-B
Kimura et al[69]20156548 Gy/4 Fr2-yr, 100%2-yr, 76%Gr ≥ 3, 23%
Wahl et al[37]20166327–60 Gy/3 or 5 Fr2-yr, 84%2-yr, 46%Gr ≥ 3, 2%
Table 2 The summary of trials conducted using charged particle therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
StudyYearParticlenDose/fraction (Gy/fr)Local controlOverall survivalGrade3 Liver toxicity
Nakayama et al[38], retrospective2009Proton31855–79.2 CGE/10–22 FrNA5-yr, 45%None
Komatsu et al[40], retrospective2011Proton24252.8–84 CGE/4–38 Fr5-yr, 90%5-yr, 38%1%
Carbon10152.8–76 CGE/4–20 Fr5-yr, 93%5-yr, 36%3%
Hata et al[39], retrospective2006Proton1950–84 Gy/10–24 Fr1 failure2-yr, 42%None
Bush et al[70], phase 22011Proton7663 Gy/15 FrNA3-yr, 60%1None
Hong et al[42], phase 22016Proton4458.05–67.5 CGE/15 Fr2-yr, 95%2-yr, 63%2%
Bush et al[43], randomized2016Proton3370.2 Gy/15 Fr2-yr, 88%2-yr, 48%1None