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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 28, 2016; 22(32): 7175-7185
Published online Aug 28, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i32.7175
Table 1 Studies reporting detection of circulating tumour cells in patients with pancreatic cancer
StudyCTC platformMarkersStage of diseaseTime of samplingNumber of patients, nCut-off for positivity per 7. 5 mL bloodCTCs detected, n
Zhang et al[16] 2014Immunocy-togeneticsCK, CD45, DAPI, CEP8All stagesPre-operative22416/22 (72.7%)
Rhim et al[17] 2014Micro-fluidic "GEM" ChipDAPI, CD45, CK, PDX-1All stagesDiagnosis11≥ 18/11 (73%)
Khoja et al[12] 2011CellSearch and ISETEpCAM, CK, vimentin, E-cadherinAll stagesDiagnosis or at time of diagnosis of progressive disease > 6 wk from therapy53≥ 121/53 (40%) using CellSearch
24/27 (93%) using ISET
Nagrath et al[18] 2013CTC-ChipCksMetastaticNot stated1537.5 (5/mL)15/15 (100%)
Allard et al[15] 2004CellSearchCK8, CK18, CK19MetastaticNot stated16≥ 16/16 ((38%)
Gall et al[19] 2013CellSearchEpCam, EGFRLocally advancedPre-treatment75≥ 14/75 (5%)
Ren et al[20] 2011Immuno-cyto-chemistryCA 19-9, CK8, CK18Locally advanced and metastaticPre- and post- treatment41≥ 133/41 (80.5%) pre-treatment and 12/41 (29.3%) post-treatment
Table 2 Studies reporting detection of circulating tumour DNA in patients with pancreatic cancer
StudyCtDNA platformMarkersStage of diseaseTime of samplingNumber of patients, nMarkers detected, n
Zhou et al[32] 2011Nested RT-PCRH-tert, C-MET, CK20, CEA mRNAsAll stagesPre-treatment25H-TERT 25/25 (100%)
CMET 20/25(80%), CK20 21/25 (84%), CEA 20/25 (80%)
de Albuquerque et al[22] 2012Immunomagnetic RT-PCRKRT19, MUC1, EpCAM, CEACAM5, BIRC5Stage III and IVPre-treatment3416/34 (47%)
Chausovsky et al[33] 1999RT-PCRCK20MetastaticNot stated2822/28 (79%)
Sausen et al[28] 2015Digital PCRKRASLocalisedPre-treatment5122/51 (43%)
Earl et al[27] 2015Digital PCRKRASAll stagesPre-treatment (NB 7 patients had received chemotherapy)318/31 (26%)
Sergeant et al[31] 2011RT-PCREpCAMStage I,II and 4Pre and post treatment4010/40 (25%) preoperatively,
10/35(28.6%) D1, 9/39 (23.1%) at D7, 8/34 (23.5%) at 6 wk
Bettegowda et al[26] 2014Digital PCRKRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA, BRAFLocalised and metastaticNot stated15548% of those with localised and > 80% metastatic disease
Zill et al[30] 2015NGSKRAS, TP53, APC, SMAD4, FBXW7Localised and metastaticPost-treatment1717/17 (100%)
Kinugasa et al[29] 2015Digital PCRKRASAll stagesPre-treatment7547/75 (62%)