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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 21, 2016; 22(3): 1101-1113
Published online Jan 21, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i3.1101
Table 1 Comparison of gastric cancer-specific quality of life questionnaires
Year introduced200120042005
Parent questionnaireEORTC QLQ-C30FACT-GNone
Number of items/questions221932
FocusPatient symptomsEmotional and physical symptomsGastrointestinal dysfunction
Applicable to all treatment modalities?YesYesNo (surgery only)
Table 2 Quality of life tools utilized in the included references
AuthorYearMain QoL outcomeQoL tool
Korenaga et al[37]1992QoL - single time pointInterview, non-validated
Davies et al[40]1998Comparison of extent of surgery (DG vs TG)RSCL, Troidl, HAD, ADLs
Spector et al[63]2002Comparison of approaches to GEJ tumorsGIQLI, LAGS
Díaz De Liaño et al[68]2003Comparison of extent of resection and nodal dissectionQLQ-C30
Barbour et al[62]2008Comparison of approaches to GEJ tumorsQLQ-C30
Kim et al[71]2008Comparison of lap vs open for DGQLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Tyrväinen et al[38]2008Long-term QoLSF-36, 15D
Avery et al[34]2010Longitudinal follow-up after TG and DGQLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Lee et al[36]2010Long-term QoLQLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Jeurnink et al[90]2010Surgical GJ vs stent for GOOQLQ-C30, EuroQoL-5D, EuroQoL-VAS, QLQ-PAN26
Kobayashi et al[42]2011Comparison of extent (DG vs TG)and method (lap vs open) of surgeryQLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Kim et al[35]2012Longitudinal follow-up after TG and DGQLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Kulig et al[85]2012QoL in non-curative resectionQLQ-C30
Lee et al[48]2012Comparison of reconstruction after DG (BI vs BII vs R-Y)GIQLI
Munene et al[11]2012Longitudinal follow-up, comparison of extent of surgery (DG vs TG)FACT-Ga
Takiguchi et al[49]2012Comparison of reconstruction after DG (BI vs R-Y)QLQ-C30, DAUGS 20
Karanicolas et al[33]2013Comparison of extent of surgery (DG vs TG vs PG)QLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Rausei et al[43]2013Comparison of extent of surgery (DG vs TG)QLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Park et al[44]2014Comparison of extent of surgery (DG vs TG)QLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Takiguchi et al[29]2014TG vs PG for proximal gastric tumorsPGSAS-45
Worster et al[99]2014Longitudinal study, prophylactic gastrectomy patientsQLQ-C30, QLQ-STO22
Ronellenfitsch et al[57]2015Longitudinal follow-up after PGFACT-E
Table 3 Surgery and quality of life in gastric cancer
Type of surgical therapyQuality of life summary
Resection for cureDG leads to better QoL
TG is superior to PG for proximal cancers
For GEJ tumors, abdominal procedures are associated with better QoL
Laparoscopy is likely associated with quicker attainment of post-operative QoL
Goal is return to baseline QoL
Palliative resectionNon surgical (less invasive) procedures are desirable
Surgical resection only in highly selected individuals - excellent performance status and life expectancy
Goal is to improve QoL
Prophylactic gastrectomyTotal gastrectomy is essential
Similar post-operative reduction in QoL as for confirmed malignancy
Goal is return to pre-operative baseline
Further studies required