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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 21, 2015; 21(43): 12334-12350
Published online Nov 21, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i43.12334
Table 1 Clinical trials using stem cells for the treatment of liver diseases
Ref.Cell SourceNo. of patients/administration routeDisease causeNo. of cells infusedFollow-up periodOutcomes
29Fetal liver-SCs (EpCAM+)25: hepatic arteryEnd-stage liver cirrhosis80 × 1066 moImproved liver function and MELD score
30Fetal liver-SCs (EpCAM+)2: hepatic arteryAdvanced cirrhosis42 × 106 and 60 × 10612 moBiochemical and clinical improvement
133BM-MSCs4: peripheral veinDecompensated liver cirrhosis31.73 × 10612 moWell tolerated and safe procedure; improved liver function
134MSCs from iliac crest8: peripheral or portal veinEnd-stage liver disease30 × 106-50 × 10624 wkNo adverse effects; improved MELD and liver function
135BM-MSCs stimulated to hepatic lineage20: control 10: intrasplenic 10: intrahepaticpost-HCV end-stage liver disease2 × 107 in a total of 2 × 108 MNCs6 moImproved ascites, MELD and CP score; no difference between intrahepatic and intrasplenic groups
136BM-MSCs105: control 53: treated/hepatic arterypost-HBV liver failure3.4 × 108-3.8 × 108192 wkNo serious side effects or complications; improved ALB, TBIL, PT and MELD score
137Differentiated BM-MSCs vs undifferentiated10: control 15: treated/intravenouspost-HCV liver cirrhosis1 × 106/kg body weight6 moImproved MELD score, BIL, ALB and PC
138BM-MSCs20: intrasplenicpost-HCV liver cirrhosis10 × 1066 moDecreased TBIL, AST, ALT, PT; improved ALB, PC, PT, INR
139BM-MSCs11: hepatic arteryAlcoholic cirrhosis5 × 107 injected twice12 moNo significant side effects; histological improvement; improved CP score
140UC-MSC15: control 30: treated/intravenouspost-HBV decompensated liver cirrhosis0.5 × 106/kg body weight1 yrNo significant side effects; improved liver function and MELD score; reduced ascites
141UC-MSC19: control 24: treated/intravenouspost-HBV acute-on-chronic liver failure0.5 × 106/kg body weight72 wkNo significant side effects; improved liver function and MELD score; increased survival
142UC-MSC7: peripheral veinPrimary biliary cirrhosis0.5 × 106/kg48 wkNo obvious side-effects; decreased serum ALP and GGT
143Autologous MSCs12: control 15: treated/peripheral veinDecompensated cirrhosis195 × 10312 moNo beneficial effect
166BM-MNCs9: peripheral veinLiver cirrhosis5.20 +/- 0.63 × 109 MNCs24 wkNo major adverse effects; improved ALB, CP scores
175G-CSF mobilization40: controls 8: treated/subcutaneousSevere liver cirrhosisG-CSF: 5 μg/kg every 12 h for 3 d8 moNo adverse events; improved MELD score
176Autologous G-CSF mobilized CD34+ cells2: peripheral veinEnd-stage liver diseaseG-CSF :10 μg/kg per day: 4-5 d/CD34+ cells: 2.31 × 106/kg and 4 × 106/kg30 to 34 moSafe and well tolerated procedure; improved CP and MELD scores
177Autologous G-CSF-mobilized CD34+ cells3: portal vein 2: hepatic arteryLiver insufficiencyCD34+ cells: 1 × 106 to 2 × 10860 dNo complications or specific side effects; improved ALB
178G-CSF mobilization11: control 13: treated/subcutaneousAlcoholic cirrhosisG-CSF: 10 μg/kg per day 2 times daily for 5 d12 wkEffective CD34+ cells mobilization; increased HGF; induced HPC proliferation
179G-CSF mobilization24: control 23: treated/subcutaneousAcute-on-chronic liver failureG-CSF: 5 μg/kg for 12 doses60 dIncreased survival; reduced CTP, MELD and SOFA scores
180G-CSF mobilization23: control 23: treated/subcutaneousSevere alcoholic hepatitisG-CSF: 5 μg/kg every 12 h for 5 d3 moSafe and effective HSCs mobilization; improved liver function and survival
181Experimental PA-PE, combined with G-CSF1: subcutaneousAcute-on-chronic liver failure10 μg/kg per day for 5 d2 moRapid and long lasting clinical improvement; HSCs mobilization and a ductular reaction
182G-CSF mobilization24: subcutaneousAcute on chronic liver failureG-CSF: 5 and 15 μg/kg per day for 6 dSafety and feasibility of G-CSF mobilization; no clinical/biochemical improvement
183G-CSF mobilization18: subcutaneousLiver cirrhosisincreasing doses of G-CSF daily for 7 d3 wkNo severe adverse events; no liver function significant modification
184Autologous G-CSF mobilized CD34+ cells1: portal veinDrug-induced hepatitisG-CSF: 15 μg/kg/for 5 d CD34+ cells: 5 × 10630 dImproved liver function; wide areas of regeneration in liver biopsy
185Autologous G-CSF-mobilized CD34+ SCs2: hepatic artery 3: portal veinChronic liver diseaseG-CSF: 526 μg/d: 5 d, CD34+ cells: 1 × 106-2 × 1086-18 moNo side effects; improved BIL and ALB
186Autologous G-CSF-mobilized cultured CD34+ SCs9: hepatic arteryAlcoholic liver cirrhosis520 μg/d: 5 d/mean TNCC:229.7 × 10612 wkNo side effects; improved BIL, ALT, AST, CP score and ascites
187PBMCs from G-CSF mobilized PB20: control 20: treatedDecompensated liver cirrhosis5-10 μg/kg per day for 4 d. PBMC: 107-108/kg6 moNo major adverse effects; improved liver function