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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 7, 2015; 21(41): 11609-11620
Published online Nov 7, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i41.11609
Table 1 Randomized trials of surgery with and without neoadjuvant or perioperative chemotherapy in resected gastric cancer
Ref.nChemotherapyHazard ratio for survival (95%CI)
Cunningham et al[27], 2006503ECF0.75 (0.60-0.93)
Ychou et al[49], 2011224PF0.69 (0.50-0.95)
Schuhmacher et al[28], 2010144PFNo significant survival difference
Table 2 Randomized trials of adjuvant chemo or chemoradiotherapy in resected gastric cancer
Ref.nRegimen3 yr Disease free survival rate (%; P value)
Lee et al[41], 2012458XP vs XP/XRT/XPNo significant Disease free survival difference
Yu et al[45], 2012685FU/LV vs 5FU /LV/RT44.1 vs 67.7 (P < 0.05)
Kim et al[44], 2012905FU/LV vs 5FU/LV/RTNo significant Disease free survival difference
Kwon et al[46], 2010615FU/LV vs 5FU/LV/RTNo significant Disease free survival difference
Bamias et al[43], 2010147DP vs DP/RTNo significant Disease free survival difference
Table 3 Criteria for adequate surgical margins
German S3JGCA
Resection marginsOral, aboral circumferentialProximal
Proximal resection margins5 cm (intestinal type)-cT1: 2 cm
8 cm (difuse type)-cT2-T4:
3 cm (expansive)
5 cm (infiltrative)
Table 4 Selected randomized controlled trials studying the extent of the lymph node dissection for patients with gastric cancer
Ref.Year publishedRegionExtent of Lymph node dissectionPatients(n)MorbidityMortality5 yr overall survival (%)
Dent et al[62]1988South AfricaD12222%0%N/A
BonenKamp et al[59,66]1995The NetherlandsD138025%4%45
Cuschieri et al[60,65]1996EuropeD120028%6.5%35
Wu et al[63,64]2004TaiwanD11107.3%0%53.6
Sasako et al[69]2008JapanD226320.9%0.8%69.2
D2 + PAND26028.1%0.8%70.3
Degiuli et al[67,68]2010ItalyD113312%3%66.5